Iraq Crisis: Should the US Government pull embassy staff and civilians out of Iraq?

  • It's too dangerous.

    Yes, the US Government should pull embassy staff and civilians out of Iraq, because Iraq is falling apart. We don't want a repeat of the situation in Iran when militants stormed the embassy and took people hostage. The US Government should be very careful with its people and lives are more important than politics.

  • Yes, I believe we should.

    Without the military support in that country that we used to have, I don't believe that it is safe for embassy safe or civilian workers to stay in Iraq for the time being. I feel they will just be a target for violence or kidnapping. I don't believe it is worth the risk to stay.

  • Better Now Then Later

    The situation has really begun to deteriorate in Iraq and I think it's appropriate to pull embassy staff. Even if the situation is completely resolved tomorrow, it is better to be cautious and save lives then to be callous and have to count your dead. And for civilians, there shouldn't be a debate. Just get them out NOW.

  • It is Too Early to Make the Call to Remove All Staff and Civilians

    A decision to remove all Embassy staff, civilians, as well as military personnel, might be necessary. Plans for an immediate evacuation should be well articulated. Of significant concern is the safety of civilians who may be present in Iraq for a variety of business or other activities. Departure would be advised.

    However, the situation on the ground is highly fluid. Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, clearly has made profound errors, which have contributed greatly to the current situation. Given the possibility that he might be willing to listen to guidance, key Embassy staff, as well as their military protectors, should stay for the time being.

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