• For political purposes.

    Yes, Obama pulled troops from Iraq too soon, when he pulled them in 2011, because Iraq was not stable enough to be on its own. Iraq wanted its freedom, but Iran did not want them to have it. Obama pulled the troops in 2011 for political reasons, because he was up for reelection.

  • Troops to Control

    Troops in Iraq as a means to control the situation was essential. Removing this has proven to be the wrong move. Whilst war is not needed, there is a need to mediate, be aware of the situation and to resolve conflicts. Pulling our communication link from Iraq means that we lost our awareness of the situation and could not resolve issues as they arose. Until there is a clear resolution and peace within the country, troops are required.

  • Definitely a resounding yes.

    While our troops were in Iraq, there was a peace. Our troops maintained this peace, and they helped the Iraqi citizens build their own government that was supposed to help maintain peace in the country. However, America pulled its troops out too soon, leaving Iraq in the lurch. With the troops gone, al Qaida had the opportunity to gain control of the country, and they seized that opportunity. Now Iraq is a terrorist state.

  • Losing More U.S. Military Personnel in Iraq would Not Have Prevented the Current Situation

    The U.S. lost close to 4,500 military personnel fighting the Bush-Cheney "war for oil." President Obama was right to bring our troops home. However, insufficient efforts have been made to identify, reveal, and address the underlying problems in the Middle East.

    The underlying problems in the Middle East are grounded in the Sykes–Picot Agreement, a secret 1916 agreement between the United Kingdom and France for the division of the Middle East, and the control of this region by the multinational oil companies. The Sykes–Picot Agreement resulted in the establishment of countries that dissected the traditional tribal and religious boundaries. The oil industry has allowed some individuals to obtain immense wealth and power. Correcting this situation will require something other than military force.

  • It is too difficult to determine if US troops were pulled out too soon.

    It is too difficult to determine if Obama pulled US troops out of Iraq too soon. There is absolutely no way we can tell that if the US troops had a continued ground presence the current violence would not exist. There may be less, but again, we can not make that assumption. Also, it is not the duty of the US to remain in Iraq forever to maintain the peace. The Iraqi government must learn to stand on its feet at some point.

  • Not Soon Enough

    Obama should have taken our troops out much sooner. (Like he said he was going to) Iraq should never have been a sovereign country, and trying to keep such a fictional "nation" together has cost thousands of lives. Isis is abhorrent, but the shiite government is really not much better. There is no case to send US soldiers to fight in Iraq.

  • Thank you for begging.

    1) Obama wanted to leave more troops there and IRAQ declined it. He wanted to leave combat troops however IRAQ, a sovereign nation said no to several provisions, including the right to prosecute soldiers for battlefield accidents and the right to hold soldiers for prosecution base on their laws, which are not even remotely human.
    2) Bush set the date to renew the contract with IRAQ, not Obama.

  • No and we never should have been there to begin with.

    We wasted enough money on that oil company profiteering boondoggle.

    Halliburton made their cool 40 billion.

    Exxon caused the civil war.

    It's not the job of the US government to nation build, and we haven't done it properly since WWII.

    Our troops have never been able to maintain peace, nor were we able to build an actual representative democracy.

    It was time to cut and run, as we never should have started the fight to begin with.

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