• We have led the situation.

    Yes, there are people to blame for the problems in Iraq, because we withdrew our military forces too soon. The sad thing about Iraq is that there are a lot of people in that country who love freedom. We decided to cut and run too early, so we are to blame for radicals seeing a power vacuum and taking over.

  • Intolerance of factions to blame for Iraq problems

    The problems in Iraq are entirely down to the prejudiced and intolerant attitudes of the various factions that make up the country. They are unable to accept any other viewpoint but their own and this is what causes conflict and brings the country to its knees. Nothing can be done by outsiders to rectify this.

  • Yes, there is plenty of blame for Iraq

    I think there is a lot to blame for Iraq and the problems that are currently going on there. I believe the US did not have a good plan to go in and to get out of being over there. I think the rest of the World has not stepped in and tried to help with the situation either. I think that some of the Iraqi people will never change and this will continue to go on.

  • Al Baghdadi is to blame

    Some blame centuries of dissension between Sunni and Shia
    for the current conflagration in Iraq. Some blame American leaders, whether the
    current administration or the last. Some blame Al Maliki, for wickedly partisan
    policies. But why not blame Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi? He is the fanatic leader responsible
    for the brutal attacks that are once again tormenting the people of Iraq. He held
    the match to set Iraq aflame.

  • There's plenty of blame to share.

    A great many people were involved in making this situation possible as we see it today.

    We can blame 1st world countries like the US and Russia, as people often do.

    We like to try and blame Bush and Obama, respective to our own political alignments.

    We could blame the UN for inspiring even more civil unrest by dropping Israel into the middle of a dozen+ countries that would drive them into the ocean at first opportunity.

    We could blame the hundreds of years of bloodshed emanating from the region.

    We could blame the violence that radical Islam has cast upon the land.

    We could even blame human nature in general, when boiled down to it's most basic form, an unseen hand in all prior and future events.

    But at the end of the day, it's not any of these things by themselves that has caused so much loss and destruction, it's all of them.

    So if you were looking for one party to blame, you're out of luck. Some have long since been dead, others on their way there, and even more currently take advantage of the situations in the Middle East, and will continue to do so for some time.

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