Iraq spirals out of control: Has Obama been an effective international leader?

  • Yes He Has

    I believe Obama has been an effective leader for our country, the United States. Obama is not by default an international leader and he shouldn't be considered a leader of the entire world. Our country has benefited from staying out of conflict thus far and we don't have the funds to do so. Obama has been effective because he knows this and has saved our country billions of dollars by not acting.

  • Yeas he has been a effective Leader

    Most of the leaders in the world including the leader of Iran and the UK, have both outwardly stated that they would not commit armed forces in the middle east, which along with breaking up the ottoman empire at the end of the first world war has made the mess in the first place and subsequently added fuel to the fire and made it worse. Also my and my families opinion of America has actually improved since he came into office.

  • Lacks conviction as a leader

    Only good for making rehearsed speeches, but not one for taking tough decisions . NOtable exception was taking the call to fly into pakistan and taking down Osama. 8 years is really a long time for making a significant mark shaping the future of this nation. Unfortunately he has not been able to fulfil his campain promises and he doesnt have a legacy to live with.

  • No, he has not been.

    Obama has been a poor leader. He talks in circles and stumbles when he talks in public. He lacks direction and has not been effective in important decisions. He lacks leadership ability that is needed in his position. He seems to try his best but sometimes that is just not good enough.

  • One of the worst Presidents ever

    He is a man who depends on racial divisions to get in office. He is not, not, not, a good international leader. He has fumbled the pass in Iraq, he has let Benghazi AND Syria slide, he has systematically exterminated countless civilians via his ongoing drone program, he has kept Guantanamo open, he has fueled the Ukraine crisis and alienated not only Russia but also China, and he has been caught red handed spying on people who ARE NOT IN HIS COUNTRY.

    Honestly, he is much worse than Nixon.

  • He has not been an effective leader

    President Obama has not led as effectively in foreign affairs as past presidents have. He has let the state of the United State's foriegn affairs slide ever since he took office. How other countries view the United States and their citizens has gotten worse since his presidency. He has also talked down about his own country.

  • No, he has not.

    I think he has shown massive amounts of weakness in his leadership. Every international leader knows how much he is against military intervention and so I believe they already see him as a powerless lame duck. He waffles in almost every decision he has to make and that makes him seem incompetent. He is unwilling to get the work done and show strong leadership and his threats are mostly empty.

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