Iraq-Vietnam likeness: Is the Iraq war a similar kind of war?

  • No they aren't alike.

    They aren't alike because the death rate in Vietnam exceeded the death rate in Iraq by a ratio of 14 to 1. More then 1,800 of the young people making the sacrfice for the fight in the Iraq. Also Vietnam received virtually unlimited support from two of the three most powerful nations on earth. While the Iraqi insurgents on the other hand received no support from goverments on earth.

  • No they aren't alike

    Death rate in Vietnam exceeded the death rate in iraq by a ratio of 14 to 1. More then 1,800 of young people making the ultimate sacrefice for the fight in the iraq war. So in my opinion they arent alike because the differences outway the similarities of the two.

  • No, they are not similar or alike.

    While they are both wars that should not have been fought by the United States, they did need to be fought in general. The difference is that Vietnam was an indirect war against china, and Iraq was a war without any sort of purpose. So much more death was incurred in Vietnam as well.

  • No, we won in Iraq.

    No, Iraq is not similar to the Vietnam war, because we have fulfilled our objectives in Iraq. In Vietnam, leaders of the war did not try to win. They wanted the Viet Kong to reconsider their own goals based on a targeted response. That ended terribly, and cost countless lives. The mission in Iraq was clear, concise, and carefully carried out.

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