Iraq-Vietnam likeness: Is the Iraq war similar to the Vietnam war in size, significance, death-toll?

  • The Wars Are Quite Similar

    Both of these wars are quite saddening when you consider the losses involved. On top of that, no one can point to a clearly justifiable reason why these wars had to happen. Both the Iraq War and Vietnam War have seen enormous civilian casualties which are quite unacceptable when they could have been avoided. The money spent on either war was more of a waste than anything, and the amounts are just atrocious when you consider the impact on the economy. As far as their significance, both of these wars show people the extent that some are willing to go to out of greed.

  • Vietnam was more diffuclt war then Iraq war.

    Vietnam war had more significance then the Iraq wat. Also the size and death toll was more then Iraq war too. I mean lets face the time that Vietnam took place in. Back then we didn't have all this fancy Technology that made job easier for the soldiers. Keeping mind the time simply vietnam was greater war then Iraq war.

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