Iraqi Kurds take several villages on advance towards Mosul. Will ISIS be evicted from Iraq soon?

  • Yes, ISIS will be evicted from Iraq soon.

    Iraq is under going an elimination of violent behavior. The rampage of ISIS, as well as the violence of its associates, in Iraq was quickly accompanied by international condemnation. The group of people that are what we now refer to as ISIS is in close proximity to being wiped out.

  • Yes, many factors are pushing ISIS out of Iraq and out of relevance.

    There are many forces fighting ISIS at the moment- from America to Iraq, people are coming together against ISIS. Not only Iraqi Kurds, but small groups of resistance in Iraq are militarizing to fight ISIS. As for what we can do in North America, we can help those fighting and give ISIS as little media attention as possible, in order to prevent our own people from allying with ISIS.

  • ISIS is deeply entrenched in the Middle East, and will likely not be removed from Iraq

    Although the Kurdish forces have made a recent push against ISIS in Iraq, the ideology that the group uses will not be easily removed from the country. Indeed, people may be moved by force, but it is near impossible to do the same with ideas. Therefore, ISIS will be able to recruit new members and remain in the country.

  • ISIS is too armed to fail

    ISIS is too armed to fail. Getting rid of ISIS is going to take help from superpowers in arming and securing non-ISIS soldiers. As much help as has been given, but more is needed. There needs to be a presence of Western countries in the middle east. Help is needed for Arab Christians.

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