Iraq's Parliament Meets in Crisis: Is Iraq strong enough to take the country back?

  • No neither the governement or military of Iraq is strong enough the retake the country.

    The main issue with the military is that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki significantly weakened it. He effective officers and well-trained generals with people who were loyal to him, with no consideration that they had ZERO military training and experience. The government is failing for the same reasons, al Maliki it putting the wrong people in charge. Failure is assured.

  • America messed that country up

    The war in Iraq was nothing but a giant failure. We invaded a country (clearly for oil) to install a puppet regime, then went back in 20 years later to take him out and install "democracy." Both of these things the United States did half-assed at best, leaving Iraq too weak to do much of anything for itself.

  • They need support.

    No, Iraq and its internal infrastructures is not strong enough to take the country back, because Iraq was not strong enough to hang on to the country in the first place. There are a lot of people in Iraq who love democracy and freedom, but they do not have the military support to enforce it without support.

  • This needs to end!

    This war has been going on for to long now, it is time for it to end but as it seems, it seems like we are starting the war all over again. Back on 9/11 when all of this happened we sent our soldier to war earlier than expected, because, there is nothing that is happening on time right now.

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