Irish government collapses: Are political parties around the world too divided?

  • Becoming too partisan

    Political parties all across the world are becoming more and more divided and partisan, and solely for the sake of politics. There are plenty of politicians here in the USA that strictly adhere to a certain way of thinking based solely on their political party. People have become too afraid to cross party lines and just work together for the common good, making politics more and more volatile every day.

  • Yes, political parties around the world are too divided.

    It feels more and more like governments are becoming insular and not working toward a common good for the whole race. Northern Ireland has long been at embattled nation. What is lacking now is leaders who will take the moral high ground and raise pressure to help nations in dire circumstances.

  • Politics is just optics

    Around the world, people are catching on that politicians aren't really looking out for our best interests, and it's getting people very upset. So much so that they dig in and defend their team to the very end, even when it's demonstrably provable that their team is awful. Sadly with social media it seems like the problem is getting better, not worse, because it's easy to call your political opponents stupid when you're sitting behind your computer.

  • Yes, political parties have divided much of the world in a dangerous way

    Political parties have divided many countries around the world to such an extent that many people in them see their opponents as the complete other with no redeeming traits, instead of people with differing ideas about how to achieve similar goals. This is very dangerous and is making many governments ineffective.

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