Irish leader does not regret calling Donald Trump "racist and dangerous". Is Trump racist and dangerous?

  • Trump is crazy.

    Donald J Trump is a madman. He is the President, and he will doom our country. I mean, the man thinks Frederick Douglass is alive! He's rich, selfish, stupid, and pretty much everything a president shouldn't be. DOWN WITH TRUMP. He is insane, stupid, and a racist monster. BOO TRUMP.

  • Trump is smart and sane

    Donlad Trump is not an idiot and he knows what hes doing. He actually cares about the Us unlike the democrat candidates and he knows how to fix the problems of the US. He has said nothing racist and has never threatened any country unlike hillary. People are so blind because they believe everything the mainstream media has to say and they haven't done the research themselves. Just in the weeks he has been president he has already done more good for the country than the last two combined. Open your eyes and look beyond the mainstream.

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