Is $1 billion too much money (yes) or not enough (no) to spend on our war against ISIS?

  • We don't even have a billion to spend, but we spend way more than that.

    Our country is over 17 trillion dollars in debt. A debt that grows on average of 2 billion a day. How do you think we are going to pay it? The government doesn't care. All the money is coming out of our pocket in taxes. Sense there is no sign of this debt slowing down do you think taxes are going to go down for the next 50+ years? Hell no. If you were in so much debt that there is no way you could pay it before you die, would you try to pay it off? No, you would keep spending money and make it someone else problem and that is exactly what the white house is doing.

  • It is enough money

    It is enough money. This is because instead of spending more over there, we need to close immigration and travel to and from the affected areas. We also need to get Americans out of there. We can then spend the excess on American infrastructure and jobs, and other domestic needs. Playing in the middle east is a no-win situation.

  • money for ISIS war

    Yes 1 billion dollars is way too much money to be spending on the war against ISIS. There are many countries that should be pitching in and not just the United States. These countries that are geographically closer to them. We have murders and bad things in our own country that needs to be dealt with.

  • Yes, $1 billion is too much money to spend on our war against ISIS

    1 billion dollars is too much money to spend on a war with ISIS because that money could go a long way towards solving problems at home. By the same token, one billion dollars is not enough money to actually combat ISIS effectively. So, we don't have the money to spend at home and the war won't be over.

  • The Richest Terrorist Organisation in the World

    ISIL (aka ISIS) is the only Terrorist organisation in the world who have successfully won battles and occupied territory in the countries of Syria and Iraq, and have more territory in mind. The Levant is the region of many more countries whom are allies to the UK, US, Canada, Australia.

  • We may end up with bigger consequences if we do not take them seriously...

    We may end up having to pay more than a billion dollar's worth. I believe we should do whatever it takes to defeat ISIS. They have killed tons of innocent people, and that, to me, is worth trillions fighting for. No matter what it takes, we should do whatever we can.

  • Not Enough Money Spent

    One billion dollars is nothing for the U.S. government. It is less than the price of stealth bomber. We collect trillions in taxes, fees and fines every year. A few billion dollars spent on ISIS will not make or break this country. The risk of doing nothing more than outweighs the costs.

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