Is $1 million sufficient repayment for almost four decades of wrongful imprisonment?

  • A repayment of $1 million for wrongful imprisonment is the equivalent of a lifetime of work

    For the average person, the amount of $1 million is sufficient repayment for decades of wrongful imprisonment. One cannot assign a dollar value to the mental anguish a person falsely imprisoned feels for the decades he is in prison. There is a waste of life comprising of decades of confinement, time which cannot be re-captured. The $1 million payment would make up for some of the losses, and start the path for a re-construction of life, as well as a means for the start of some enjoyment of life. It is a large sum for most people. If invested it would be an even larger sum. There is not much more than can be done. If the person has support of family and friends, he may begin re-cultivating relationships, and depending on age, he may be living the same way as everyone else in no time.

  • No its not

    Life is priceless. 4 decades of your life wrongfully taken away should be compensated with literally as much money as possible. Jaycee dugard who spent 18 years in captivity after being kidnapped (the police had several chances to save her but didnt) got 20 million dollars. Thats about 1million dollars for every year she was in captivity. This guy should get around 1million dollars for every year hes been in captivity.

  • If someone asked

    Me if I would take a million dollars but I had to spend four decades in a prison, there is no chance at all that I would take it. That is basically half of my life wasted when I could've gotten married and had kids. I believe there is no price of money that could fix forty years of a wasted life.

  • Not even close, freedom is priceless!

    Forcing somebody to spend almost 40 years imprisoned wrongfully is basically stealing that person's life. Even after you get out you've lost your youth, your confidence, and your energy. That is worth way more than $1 million in damages. Maybe get closer to $10 million if you want something that's a little more fair.

  • Is $1 million sufficient repayment for almost four decades of wrongful imprisonment?

    An amount of $1 million is insufficient repayment for almost four decades of wrongful imprisonment. Ricky Jackson who was wrongfully imprisoned for 39 long years lost some of the best years of his life. The sum of $1 million is too small a sum. However, and hopefully he receives this amount without further delay.

  • You've essentially stolen someone's life

    1 million dollars is not enough to make up for the psychological torture of being incarcerated with murderers, child molesters and the other derelicts of society. The smell of the prison, the mentality of the obscene, the lowering of your humanity and the stench of death can never be washed away. Not having a forty year marriage with the love of your life or watching your kids grow up is also another element of this torturous existence. In essence 1 million dollars is an insult.

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