Is $13 million to USA taxpayers what we call justice?

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  • No justice for USA...

    No, if the boston bomber, aged 21, lives to the current USA life expectancy of 78 then his prison term will cost USA taxpayers adjusted for 2% inflation $75000*57 years=$4275000, $4275000(1.02)^57=$13.2 million and that's if the cost per prisoner remains the same per year, highly unlikely! I'd much rather have the bomber in gen pop so he can be treated as any other pup, raped daily, a punishment fitting of the crime.

    -According to a study by the Urban Institute, the per-cell cost of a Supermax is about $75,000 annually, compared to $25,000 for each cell in an ordinary state prison.
    -At a cost of $2.8 million per prisoner per year, Guantánamo is the most expensive prison in the world. (The costliest prison in the U.S., the Colorado Supermax, at $78,000 per prisoner per year.)
    -180 days breaks down to 120 days (60 weekends) because you get credit for 3 days everytime you serve 2. It's not community service, its hard labor at the jail. Whether we're sweeping parking lots, or moving piles of rock, its hard labor out in the hot sun.~bluelight

  • It's a no-win situation.

    In cases like this, where not only is there not any reasonable doubt, but where there is simply no possible doubt at all, it's a tragedy how much it costs to give room and board to a prisoner, or to execute him - that's more, with all the mandatory court appeals , than to keep him in prison to the end of his life.

    At the time of his apprehension, I don't think there was as much certainty, though perhaps in this case there was. In any case, with the benefit of hindsight now, it sure looks to me like a bullet for him would have been much preferable.

    Or, to get quite medieval about it - his life should be forfeit (as I guess in the end it has been decided). I'd give each family of those killed in the bombing a day with him, or less time or none if they wanted. Then those who were injured the most severely, and on down the line. If he was still alive at the end of that, then he'd be executed.

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