• Sure, it is

    Yes, I think that 16 is a good age to vote in the United States. People can start working at jobs when they turn 16 and are also eligible for a driver's license. Most 16 year olds are as mature as 18 year olds who are allowed to vote. We should lower the voting age to 16.

  • It depends on the person.

    Age is an arbitrary, illogical way of determining whether or not somebody should be allowed to vote. I would rather have a mature, intelligent and politically knowledgeable 16 year old vote rather than a completely ignorant, dumb person who turned 18 before the election or some uninformed 35 year old. We should require people to take tests prior to registration to determine their judgment. Some 12 year olds are easily influenced by their parents saying "Obama is better than Romney" but some aren't. We should have some flexibility in the system to distinguish the two.

    Posted by: luvx
  • Keep it at 18.

    No, I have to disagree that 16 is a good age to vote in the United States. Our voting age has been 18 for quire a while and it seems to be a good age to start voting. Sixteen year olds are not old enough to thoroughly understanding voting issues.

  • Imagine how many will vote!

    Listen. Lets say that you are sixteen and you are now able to vote, you will definately go to the voting booth and have your say. Now that may be good for you but it will affect the votes by a very large margin. This is a bad thing because the teens will be swayed to vote for what , for example, their friends are voting for. Is this really what the USA wants? In the Scottish Referendum 75% or 16-17-year-olds voted compared to 34% of 45-79-year-olds. Think it won't affect the votes? Think again.

  • Not sure 18 year-olds are mature enough

    Having recently been one, and knowing now that I didn't know then, I can say that even as it stands we are letting uninformed immature people vote. The only reason it's as low as it is now is because it was considered unfair that draftees couldn't influence the government that would ultimately send them to war. It's been HOW long since we had an active draft? My opinion is we should have raised the draft age rather than drop the voting age.

  • Sixteen is still too immature.

    It's just around the age of fifteen or sixteen that people actually start taking an interest in things like the real world, money, politics and that sort of thing. It's a lot of information to chew through to make an informed decision, and asking somebody that's only just started to really be aware of the world in an adult way to make that decision is simply a bad idea.

  • No 16 is not a good age to vote at.

    No, I do not think that people who are only sixteen years old should be allowed the right to vote. Being only sixteen is way too young to completely understand the political climate in the United States, and teenagers should be focusing on other things beside voting like school and sports at that age.

  • No, 16 isn't mature enough

    I've known quite a few sixteen year olds, and while they've all been perfectly good kids, there's a lot that happens between sixteen and eighteen as far as maturity goes - just look at the difference between high school students and college students. I'm sure there are plenty of sixteen year olds who are smart and media savvy, but I think that taking on the responsibility of voting requires a lot more than just checking a box. I want to see voters who not only research their candidates but can also think critically about media representation and ads, and frankly, there are a lot of adults who can't handle that. I'd love to see more young people get involved in politics, but personally, I think it's a larger burden to carry than many people think if we're looking for responsible voters.

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