Is 1Direction better than 5 seconds of summer?

Asked by: hayleybae
  • COME ON ...Undoubtedly ONE DIRECTION..<3<3

    I do not have any hatred with the other...But 1D is THE BEST... They have more Experience , along their music , lyrics,beauty of the songs ..And their pure hearts..I know it sounds crazy but still i kinda know it... And i love each n every one of them..<3<3 DIRECTIONER...

  • Much more popular

    I like 1 d more. I love 5 seconds of summer but i think 1d is better. Theyre cute and funny and kind and chivalrous and handsome. I have seen them live twice and i like listening to them. Theyre my favorite band i love 1 d. :) :) :) ;)

  • Duh more experience!!

    I think that because one direction has more experience than 5 sos and also i love there music alot more like i only like a couple songs by 5sos but 1D i like almost every song except a few. So please leave your opinion and please friend me. Xoxo thanks

  • 5SOS is better. For maturity

    I love one direction, But it is a BOY band. They are still producing cookie cutter music, But 5sos who produce more mature music, But They are both amazing, Experience has nothing to do with it. More guys are liking 5sos because they don't only make music girls like they play sick beats

  • Both are equally as pathetic.

    Both "bands" are talent-less, irrelevant, bland and generic ensembles of young lads pretending their very hardest to come across as genuine musicians, whilst-while plastering their manicured faces across the face of anything that they can possibly sell as merchandise. They are manufactured products of an elitist music industry refined in their sound and image to make as much money as possible. Both lack any sort of artistic drive or potential, and both are equally as inconsequential and uninspiring. Their music is empty of any sort of message or expression, and evokes nothing but a sense of numbness, serving no personal, political or artistic purpose in the slightest. In short their songs are nothing but mannequins: worthless, blank and uniformed lumps of plastic dressed up to look like kings and queens. And yes, 5 seconds of Summer are definitely a boy band.

  • No, one direction is not better than 5 seconds of summer.

    One direction, while definitely more famous, are not better. I have much more respect for 5 seconds of summer because they take the time and effort to write their own music. Their songs, even the unreleased ones, are much better lyrically and instrumentally. Take "disconnected." This song, while the pop sound gives off the wrong impression, is about how the entire world seems to be too busy on phones and electronics to ever notice the world around us. And "broken home." The name itself gives one clues on what the song is about, and sure enough- it tells us the story of a young girl struggling throughout her parents fighting. 5 seconds of summer writes about so much more than just love, unlike one direction.

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer is not a boy band.

    They are not a boy band because they don't talk about girls in every song like other bands do. Like for instants 1D is to me a boy band and I have nothing against them it's just that's what they are. But 5sos is not a boy band because of that reason.

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