• Too many immigrants

    This country is over populated with immigrants. It's out of control. It's too many people coming to this country. This country is running out of room. An immigrate is immigrate. Too many Latino's and indians, Asian and haitians. ESPECIALLY THE LATINO POPULATION IS OUT OF CONTROL. Depending on which state you live which immigrant has an impact on you. In New York there are too many immigrants. Also the illegals are a big problem as well. People coming from Central America and South America is over crowding this country. People say Latino's are taking jobs we don't want. Not true more jobs are asking for bilingual peferance. Which are affecting Non bilingual Americans. Who was born to non speaking spanish parents. If you knew this country was going to become spanish America. You could of learned spanish. But this country cater to too many immigrates. Not forcing them to speak the English language. This country allowing illegals to come into this country and over populated the country. Due to illegal parents have 4 to 6 kids per family. Who end up taking care of them The government. In nassau county their are too many latino's. The schools are over populated in certain towns. It takes away from kids who parents are not latino's. Spanish Speaking parent also enable their kids by speaking only spanish because they didn't want to learn english. Who the blame th government because this country cater to much to immigrants. If Americans went to live in other countries we would have to learn there language. In order to survive. Immigrates come over to this country and get credit. Without a problem. When they have no prior credit. Also they get business and don't pay taxes for ten years. Immigrants come over to this country and automatically get government assistance. When you born in this country and have to work twice is hard to get it. It's ridiculous and immigrants put in or take away from this country. America has to many immigrants it's a problem. Too many immigrants make too many kids. If you wasn't allowed here too many kids wouldn't be born here in this country.This country is loosing. What do immigrants say I am going back to my country to live. After this country America you take from it and made it over populated . In some sense this country is ruined. This is America. Not no other from spanish America or Indian America or Asian America.

  • Too many immigrants

    If they come legally and have something to offer for our country then come if not then don't come. They are taking up the jobs of Americans that need to support an American family. They are here to support a family and, but are taking away jobs of the Americans.

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