• 3D printing is a revolutionary invention and is pioneering the way we live life.

    There's no contest to this question of is 3D printing the next big thing because it most certainly is. 3D printing can literally mass produce or duplicate anything we wish to do. I do think 3D printing still has a lot pioneering to face in order to become more mainstream. 3D printing is similar to cloning, but I think cloning has a larger moral perspective behind it because there's ethical issues that go with cloning whereas with 3D printing that doesn't really exist. 3D printing is going to make life simpler for humanity in a short amount of time if it hasn't already done so because as it grows popularity more people will buy it at an inexpensive cost and use it to print important objects that we'll need in this generation and generations to come. With time this new technology will come at a better price thus more people will purchase it because of its usefulness and practicality that it serves to everybody.

  • Yes it is.

    I am doing a project about 3-D printing. Anyway, you can print organs that can save lives. And just because you've never done 3-D printing, doesn't mean that it is weird. And some libraries have 3-D printers, and you can print things, for 5-20 bucks, which is way cheaper than a thousand dollar printer

  • 3D Printing Revolutionizes Consumer Goods and Medicine

    With 3D Printing technology, consumers are able to print guitars, camera lenses, iPhone cases, fabric, etc. People could essentially print anything they wanted from their homes. One benefit of this would be that everything is customizable for the consumers. Using a template downloaded or paid for online, people would have access to modify their products. It would also be environmentally friendly because bulk shipping would decrease significantly. Consumers would have the products at the click of a button rather than shipping it from thousands of miles away. Not only can 3D Printing be used for consumer goods, but medicine as well. There have been several instances where lives were saved thanks to 3D Printing. For example, Kaiba Gionfriddo, a baby who suffered from tracheobronchomalacia. This medical condition caused his windpipe to collapse, so doctors placed a 3D Printed splint in his airway that saved his life. There have been a number of other case studies that involve 3D Printed prosthetics, conduits, and tissues that are positively impacting lives.

  • Yes, 3D printing is the "next big thing" :0

    However, have you attempted to get something printed this way before? Unless its a small trinket (ring, something the size of a penny, no more than 1 cubic inch) its not affordable YET for "everyday use" meaning, until the price drops significantly enough, we wont be seeing any Kinkos 3D print stores being as prolific as Kinko stores are now. But I LOVE the potential this tech presents. Think of all the things that could be reduced and saved with the ability to "print on demand" any object. Gone would be the mass production facilities, gone would boxes and huge Costco buildings because all a person would need to do is go online, order an item, wait 30 mins for an email that says your item is ready for pick up at Costco and go pick it up from a building the size of your house that has a 3D printer and tubs of powder and an out box. Way cool to think about! I cant wait to see what happens with this tech in "the future".

  • If the price drops, yes.

    Have you ever seen a 3-D printer work? It's seriously cool, and could revolutionize everything from school projects to home businesses. But it's currently cost-prohibitive. If the price came down to something affordable for people who wouldn't be using it day in and day out, then yes, it could easily become the next big thing.

  • Yes, 3D printing is the next big thing.

    Yes, I would argue that in fact 3D printing is the next big thing. 3D printing has been gaining traction, especially in the art world, and is an impressive feat that I feel will become more prominent over time. 3D printing is the future of printing, and it is an impressive future when it comes to printing.

  • No not right now.

    Right now 3D printing is super expensive and costs way too much to become something everyone is going to want to jump on bored with. Especially since people usually do not want to go broke to try out something new, so maybe in the future it will become a big thing but not right now.

  • Not the NEXT big thing, but will be a big thing!

    The technology for 3D printing must advance and it must become more appealing before it can be the big thing. It will certainly get there, but I believe that from this point forward there will already be a "big thing" before it becomes the "big thing". But I think that a more likely next big thing would be a PCI SDD for consumer use, unless Apple comes up with something before then.

  • I don't think so.

    Producing 3D is not a new concept. It has been around in various forms for decades. Though with the progression of technology, it is much more refined these days. But I don't think that 3D has ever caught on with the general public in a way that would make 3D printing the next big thing. I just don't think most people find it that visually appealing.

  • 3D Printing is illogical.

    3D Printing is just plain inefficient. It uses too many resources, costs too much to purchase and operate. It's not reasonable to print with 3D Printing. I believe that we should eradicate the world of 3D Printing and replace it with greener, better things. 3D Printing not only wastes energy and resources, but with this waste of electricity, we are polluting the world. It is my personal belief that we should not 3D Print.

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