• For a large country state are better

    The larger the country the more reliant on states that country becomes. In a small country a unitarian government can rule without much issue. When the country is big there are too many people and too vast amount of land to rule properly. For a country like the US states are better.

  • The site is what you make of it.

    4chan is one of those websites that can be excellent, moderate or disgusting depending on who you are and where you go. The less we say about /b/ the better. But it's also the place where Anonymous came to be, and they've done some controversial and entertaining online and offline activism.

  • It's a pretty interesting place. I guess you could call it good.

    4chan is a useful website, I'll give it that much. It's done a quite interesting combination of good and bad over the years. The less said about the /b/ chan there, the better. But then there's Anonymous, which has targeted some high profile hate groups such as the Church of Scientology. I guess like with any website, it's what the users make it.

  • Sure, 4chan is a good website.

    Sure, 4chan is a good website. There are a lot of people who enjoy it, and it gets a ton of traffic, so I would assume that makes it a "good" website. The goal of a website is to get traffic and be enjoyed by a lot of people, and 4chan accomplishes these things.

  • I don't like 4chan.

    I don't like 4chan, therefore it's a bad website. Disgraceful. One of the worst websites that exist in the world. No one can have a different opinion than me. Everyone who does is wrong. 4chan is terrible and needs to be eradicated off the face of this planet. I hate it.

  • No, it's not

    4chan is a site that manages to always find new ways to tumble further downhill. Its popularity never wanes, but the people that use it get worse. As it stands today it's a mix of beaten to death memes (the only kind there is) and people trying to offend for the sake of offending, which comes off as really phoned in and boring.

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