• As much as I loathe saying it, yes, it is.

    First off, I abhor this piece of literature. It is a failed attempt at portraying the intricacies of an alternative lifestyle that is already overly misunderstood. What was instead produced was a long, drawn out story (which started as Twilight fan fiction, unfortunately) of an abusive relationship (hey, much like Twilight!) and a woman too silly and misguided to understand the difference. Considering my view, why would I call it 'real literature'? Because it tried. The author had a vision and a world and sets forth to portray them and bring them to life. The abusive eroticism is not uncommon and is more telling as a sign of our current generation than anything else. Do I hate it? Yes, emphatically. Do I still consider it literature? Yes, I do. And until a new wave of authors steps up to guide the trend in a more positive direction, we can look forward to many more works of this caliber.

  • Sadly... Yes, it is.

    Although I hate admitting it, 50 Shades of Grey definitely counts as literature. Literature is defined as anything that is of printed matter that portrays an idea. So yes, this book is literature - it's just BAD literature. It's along the same line of "is all music 'art'?". If you consider one type of music to be art then ALL music is art. (It's just that there is good and bad art, depending on what you like.) If something isn't art then none of it is art. The same goes for literature. It's an all or nothing situation, though you can define it (based on personal preferences) whether or not it is "good" or "bad".

  • Yes '50 Shades of Grey' is real literature

    Yes, I think that the popular book '50 Shades of Grey' is in fact literature. The book provides readers of all different background with a unique experience, and the book explores different facets of the imagination. I think that all it takes to be literature is to challenge and engage readers '50 Shades of Grey' does.

  • Abuse isn't literature.

    There is a fine line between simple BDSM and abuse, when you force someone to sign their rights over to legitimately become no less than a slave and justify it as " romance ", that is when it lost the respect pf being classified as good literature. It started out as a fanfiction, as much as I despise Twilight, S.Meyer has the right to sue.

  • In 20 years it will be long forgotten.

    It holds no literary merit, no artistic truth to the people it attempts to represent. It holds no secrets to be revealed through careful reading and rereading. It is merely entertainment that is meant to be read once. It doesn't even represent the bDSM subculture that well either, many consider it a tale of abuse and Stockholm syndrome sugar coated with a love story.

  • No, definitely not!

    A book that doesn't have a substantial plot line, is poorly written and is full of grammatical errors cannot be classified as real literature. It saddens me that many people see 50 Shades as a well written book, clearly they have not read many books in their lifetime! Definitely not real literature by any definition!

  • Good Grief, No.

    It started out as fanfiction for another piece of tripe that never should have been published, the Twilight series.
    It is poorly written, full of horrid grammar and insipid or missing character development, and a mockery of the talented writers that cannot get published because the industry caters to the lowest common denominator now.

    There is a world of difference between a "book" and LITERATURE.

  • No, it's not

    If 50 Shades of Grey is real literature then Sasha Grey is a Hollywood actress that just really gets into her role. 50 Shades of Grey a lot of women will tell you serves a purpose and which purpose that is isn't exactly a secret, but just because it's successful doesn't make it something beyond what the author is fully aware it is.

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