• I think so

    That is energy passing through people. Gamma radiation, X-ray, UV rays hurt us. 5G is around there in the high bands.

    I am sorry but I draw the line with 5G. I do not feel comfortable at with that, Especially when they are slapping them on without people knowing in schools and near houses.

  • The Argument for Cancer and its False Premise

    However, This is based on a false premise. 5g networks do emit radiation, Though it is a type of radiation called non ionizing radiation which makes it non lethal to humans to the doses that are presented in the towers. We should sustain judgement until there is more research on 5G's long term impacts. As of now we do not have sufficient evidence to support that 5G is harmful.

  • 5g radiation is non-ionizing

    5g radiation is in the 30-300 gigahertz range. In that range, There's not enough energy to break chemical bonds or remove electrons when in contact with human tissue. This makes it non-ionizing radiation. This type of radiation will not cause cancer or any of the negative side effects that people claim it will.

  • Different types of radiation

    Technically, 5G is a type of radiation, However, This radiation is non-ionizing. In your day-to-day life, If you are not directly standing on top of a 5G tower with no protection whatsoever for an extremely long duration of time, You have no reason to worry. 5G is safe by any measure. Keep in mind there are 3 things that determine whether an electromagnetic signal can actually damage you.

    1. Power. Is the strength of the electromagnetic signal powerful? The answer is no, 5G is not powerful to cause damage to you in your day-to-day life, Since it is often too far away. Which brings me to my next point,

    2. Distance. Is it close enough to cause damage? The answer is once again no. Cell towers are built too tall and too far away to actually cause any significant damage whatsoever.

    3. Shielding. Suppose you are close enough, Are you shielded? Most likely. 5G can be shielded from quite easily by materials such as brick, Stone and concrete. That's why you can't get good signal indoors sometimes. Finally,

    4. Time. Suppose you have no shielding and you are very close to a 5g tower. How long can you stay there? The answer is pretty long. Again, 5g is has non-ionizing wave lengths, Meaning that although it can cause some particles to move or jiggle, It does not have the strength to ionize (meaning remove charged particles) from the particles. This means you can't really get cancer from it.

    In conclusion, The only thing you have to worry about with 5g is the blistering quick speeds of the internet and the only thing you should be concerned about is whether you want in or not.

  • It is safe

    The argum ent against 5 g does not kn ow ow a th ing ab out it.
    5g's ban ds do not affect hea lth and we as hum ans do not w ant to go backwards in ti me and innov ation.
    Pe ople are bei ng too para noid.

  • Fears of 5G are unfounded

    5G networks us radiation in the 3-300GigaHz range, Many people believe this to be harmful. 5G uses much lower frequency than even visible light. The wavelength equivalent of the highest frequency 5G (300GigaHz) is about. 001m, Harmful UV rays fall below 2. 5*10^-7m. 5G is neither Gamma, X-ray, Or even UV, It is most similar to your standard FM radio; you have nothing to worry about.

  • Only small increase in watts

    5g wireless network has only a maximum of 150 watts and a minimum of 40 watts. Well as for 4g it is oonly 40 watts minimum and 100 watts maximum. Thus using the same amount of frequency waves and not needing more power, And worst of all fear will weaken make it even worse.

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