• I don't really get it

    But so far everyone's said no, so I'll be over here on my own, trying to type up 50 words or more so I can make a damn comment. Anyway I'm not sure what this is in relation to, can someone please explain this to me? What is the question talking about?

  • Oblivious yes... Its just plain math

    7.9<37,256.38 it amazing that either all of you don't know math, or read the question wrong. Its ridiculous how I actually have 37 more words to explain this. Why would anyone think otherwise. Proving it doesn't take 50 words... It takes an understanding of basic English and simple mathematical skill.

  • Obviously it is. The people that say No on the other end are just being sarcastic.

    If you subtract 37256.38 from 7.9, you get a negative integer, so that means that 7.9 must be smaller than 37,356.38. Anyways, I don't get the purpose of this question, so could someone explain? I am with Marshall-Abarca. What is the purpose of this question. Obviously 7.9 is smaller than 37,256.38.

  • That can be proven easily.

    37256.32 - 7.9 = 37248.42
    Since the result is a positive number, 37256.38 is obviously a larger number than 7.9. I'm questioning why anyone would think otherwise unless maybe they were in preschool, so I'm just going to categorize this as another troll debate. Or maybe just a bunch of idiots conspiring. Either way.

  • Yes, it's common sense!

    7.9 is even smaller than the number ten. Why are people voting no? That is ignorant, it's math. It's not even difficult math. 37,000 is far bigger than a number that's not even in the tens. This question makes me sad for humanity. This has to be a joke, right?

  • Yes it is a smaller number

    Yes 7.9 is a smaller number than 37256.38. If you put it on a number line it would be smaller. If you said it in the amount of miles from one place to another it would be smaller. 7.9 is just 7 ones while 37256.38 is 37256 ones so there is a big difference.

  • Yes it is

    That is from a numerical point of view. So long as there is no units associated with these numbers, they are to refer to a similar thing, otherwise they shouldn't be compared this simplistically. If 7.9 refereed to millions, that should have been stated. And fifty words are almost made...

  • Why does it related to politics or religion?

    It is an obvious math problem and needs to be considered under mathematics. If any question could lead to liberals or God, there would be no point in discussion. Those who said no cannot even present a reasonable argument without driveling about politics or religion. So please leave it alone.

  • Under any reasonable definition of smaller

    We have a traditional definition of what it means for one number to be smaller than another under that t definition 7.9 is absolutely smaller than 37,256.38 . This is not about which number is better or worse; that argument would make no sense. The answer is obvious and denying it requires silly arguments.

  • If they are just numbers than yes, 7.9 is smaller.

    However, if you were to put value to those numbers than the answer(s) would change. However, koon139, you just asked about the numbers in place on a number line. If the question was rephrased I think that you would have more people saying no. But alas, you did not, so the answer is yes.

  • Really guys on the Yes side? Are you really that brain washed?

    The Liberals have everyone brainwashed to think 7.9 is the smaller number... Well it's not... All numbers are equal in the eyes of God.

    The Liberals want to remove God from the equation so 7.9 appears smaller, so they can preach that the man earning $7.90 an hour is less as wealthy as the man who makes $37,256.38 an hour. They want people to believe this so they can gain more momentum for their Occupy movement and force people earning $37,256.38 an hour to give them money...

    Leave God in the Equation! All numbers are equal in his eyes!

  • Of course not!

    I swear, people keep on trying to shove this down our throats to forward their EVIL LIBERAL AGENDA. They say "basic math"....Well, I think that is an undefended resolution! They can't PROVE that it is a smaller number! What are numbers, anyway? One number cannot be smaller than the other, unless they represent something! We need to quit worrying about stupid things like math and start teaching our kids firearms training to make SOLDIERS FOR THE COMMON GOOD OF AMERICA.

  • Of course not

    This is another whacked out conspiracy theory that scientists and democrats are just trying to shove down everyones throat.... I mean their arguments arent even proven! 'simple math'?... 'basic understanding'?..... I dont buy any of that....

    This is a blatant lie and it is clear that God through intelligent design made it so that 7.9 is indeed greater then 37,256.38. NOBAMA 2016!

  • This has been argued for the past 3 years and still, no answer has been given. What is your stance?

    I completely disagree. People who say otherwise disgust me. I will find you and give you a painful ass-beating if I find out that your opinion is different to mine. Either way, I still find them disgusting. I respect your right to free speech, but... Still. You are just... Awful.

  • You arent thinking clearly

    Who are you to say that 7.9 HAS to be a smaller number than 37,256.38? They use terms like "math" and "common sense" but I could just open a word document and select 72 point font and whazam. 7.9 just became a bigger number than the puny 37,256.38 written in 12 point font.

  • It isnt smaller

    What if the 7.9 stood for 7.9 billion since it does not have a unit you can not really be entirely sure. It could also be 7.9 trillion, gazillion the world will never know. Also even though this is straight forward I feel like this could be a trick question.

  • This debate doesn't make sense

    7.9 is a lesser, not smaller number. I could enlarge the font of 7.9 to make it bigger than 37 256.38, but by doing this I would not be making it greater. This argument is illogical because smaller is referring to the size of the number, not to the actual number itself.

  • 7.9 of what?

    Supose its 7.9 million dollars being referred to; then 7.9 is bigger than 37, 256.38. Do you see how ignorant mathematicians are? They are so consumed by numbers that they fail to consider what that 7.9 is a part of. Bet I blew everyone's mind now! Buhahaha!

    Lol, just joking people that are now offended...

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