• Yes most defintly

    Yes because they are becoming a women and becoming the age where they already can cook and most have siblings they take care of so why not because 12 year olds are mature (Most of them) so you should let them because they know how most of them so yes

  • Yes, of course

    12 year olds are old enough to cook, take care of themselves, stay up later, and be interested in caring about the kid they are babysitting. Of course there are some exceptions, but if the kid seems interested and mature enough to handle the job, you should be good to go.

  • Yes of course

    Yes most 12 year olds definitely should be allowed to babysit a child younger than themselves, but it also depends on their maturity level and their experience. I feel if they were CPR certified that would be better, most 12 year olds are though. Not just 14-19 year olds need money, pre-teens still want some extra cash to, so babysitting is a good job for them as well.

  • Of course they can.

    12 year olds are all different, some mature and can take care of themselves, and some rather not as independent. Some look at kids and basically think they can't do this or that, but you can't assume something that you don't know if the 12 year old is wise and smart and can do cleaning, cooking and kknos about safety, then what makes them incapable of taking care of a younger kid for a couple hours?? I'm 12 and take care of many kids from ages 3-11 I haven't had a problem with anything out of the ordinary... So yes a kid could babysit, unless its illegal.. But you get my point :)

  • Up early tomorrow

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  • Yes of course

    I'm 12 and I babysit around every 2 weeks and sometimes, if the child is old enough (8+) I will look after them overnight. I also stay home alone, take buses to the other side of town alone and cook alone. I think it great that my parents trust me enough to leave me by myself (since I was 10). I love being independent. My parents don't give me pocket money, I earn it from babysitting, and if I want to go get ice cream with my friends I pay for it myself.
    In my option 12 year olds are not children as in a disaster we can take care of ourselves, and depending on the individual, others. Even though most 12 year olds look and act irresponsibly, most actually are mature enough to babysit. I myself act a little childish around my friends but when I am babysitting I always take certain precautions and put the younger children's safety first, rather than texting my friends.

  • I think it should be aloud if the child is responsible.

    It may seem stupid but 12 year olds need money to, back then when you turned twelve you could work legally. Babysitting is fine if the child is responsible or has taken a couple babysitting classes or so. Most twelve year olds know how to cook and know how to do CPR.

  • This is inbetween

    This is an inbetween decision. This is based on the child's maturity level at the age of 12. Some kids are okay with babysitting. But then there are some 12 year olds I would never trust with a child unless that child is able to fend for himself or herself.

  • NO to early

    I think they should not be able to because what if somthing bad happens then what are they gonna do and what if they don't have a phone or don't know how to cook you should never ever leave a 12 year old home with other peoples kids i don't think it is good

  • Definatly not .

    12 is just too young to be allowed to be in charge of others! They may not be responsible enough to deal when disaster strikes . Why, when they are barley a child themselves, would they be aloud to supervise other children??! No 12 year old is truly ready. . .

  • No, 12 is too young to babysit.

    There are five states that recommend you do not leave children under the age of 12 home alone (Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming). In Illinois it is illegal to leave children under 14 home alone. These are guidelines for children to look after themselves, to say nothing of looking after other children. A 12 year old child is simply too young to have responsibility for another child's safety.

  • No, most 12 year olds are not responsible enough to babysit.

    No, a 12-year-old is still a child and is not old enough to babysit. Pre-teens are not responsible enough to babysit young children, and they do not have enough life experience to know what to do in case of an emergency. The safety of both the 12 year old and the child they are watching may be at risk.

  • No, 12 is too young

    Twelve years old is too young of an age to babysit. While many girls mature early and may be trusted to make responsible decisions at that age, it is too young to bear the full burden of child care. There are many variables and a twelve year old is simply not old enough or experienced enough to be able to appropriately respond to the many different possibilities which may arise.

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