Is a 700 mile fence along the US - Mexico border justified?

  • Yes it's justified.

    Mexicans bring along mexican gangs and drug cartels. Bringing their violent gangs to our country is not right. If the wall is not built then unregistered Mexicans we continue to spew into our country and commit crimes that we cannot track. Mexicans that do not speak our language come in and rape our women and steal our jobs because they are dirt cheap. Put the wall up and do it fast.

  • this is a good thing

    the 700 mile fence is a good thing because it will keep most of the illegal immigrants for comeing to the us. this fence will not cover the whole border but there will be more men and women look over the other half it will be very hard for people to cross over to the us now. if you think about it the chinese did the same thing they built the great wall of the china and they built it out of mud and stone. and it worked for them so why wouldnt it work for us. this will also help the crime becauses there wont be as many illegal drugs comeing over to the u.s this will be a good thing and if you think it is a bad idea because of the money then your dumb

  • A 700 mile fence along the US-Mexico border is justified in order to protect the safety of US citizens.

    I believe that a 700 mile fence along the US-Mexico border is justified because it would help protect US citizens from crime. The fence would reduce the amount of drugs coming into the country. Although citizens also commit crimes, there have been crimes that have been committed in the US by those not legally here. At least this small amount of crime would be reduce in the US.

    Posted by: MEzequiel
  • I think a border fence is justified to limit unauthorized entry into the United States and to lessen the burden of our border patrols.

    Limiting unauthorized entry into the U.S. by land with a border fence would be very effective. There are still border control issues with illegal immigrants entering the U.S. through the desert, or desolated areas in the night time. We would see an immediate reduction in drug trafficking and illegals entering the country because of more physical control of the US-Mexico border.

    Posted by: TyroneM
  • The United States and Mexico have had many problems and still do because of border issues, I agree that putting a 700-mile fence along the border will not end those problems, but it will definitely help.

    The United States has had a big problem with illegal immigration from all over the world, and there are natural barriers such as oceans in between the US and most of these countries. Mexico though is adjacent to the US and there is nothing in the way of people illegally entering the country. I do not see anything wrong in protecting the borders as best as possible in order to avoid more people in the country that cannot be accounted for.

    Posted by: TatumH
  • A fence along the U.S./Mexico border is justified because Mexico is a failed state.

    Mexico is a failed state so a fence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico is justified because the illegal immigration is not going to stop. These illegals have nothing to look forward to in their own country and there is no incentive for them to stay. Also, the illegals are taking away U.S. jobs and driving down the rates of pay for these jobs so that U.S. citizens can no longer do them and pay their bills. Maybe if there were a fence and these illegals could no longer enter, it could give them incentive to stay home and fix their country.

    Posted by: Nik0Interior
  • We don't need more workers or poverty, we need less.

    Illegal immigration is just that - illegal. The existence of several million people here illegally teaches the rest that the law can be ignored when inconvenient or unprofitable. The fact that illegal aliens also commit document fraud or do not pay tax fraud has led to many jokes. "I'll let them avoid IRS and INS if I don't have to pay the IRS." Then there is the rise in narco-terrorism within Mexico spilling across the border. The rise in drug violence and kidnapping for ransom in the past two years within the United States has occurred as gangs follow those with money moving north. Are there not enough Americans killing Americans that we do not care about Mexicans killing Americans, too? There is not Constitutional right for businesses to have cheap labor. That many businesses hire illegal immigrants has depressed wages for citizens and legal immigrants, because they can pay less than the minimum wage to those afraid to be deported. With 10% unemployment, this is an even greater travesty. It is a crime for there to be millions of illegal immigrants working while there are millions of citizens who have paid taxes (and will pay taxes again) who are not working today. The argument that we should tolerate illegal immigrants is on the argument that they are here for a better life. They are adding to the crime rate, taking away jobs, their children adding bilingual education demands on overloaded schools and adding to over-burdened emergency rooms. Coming here for a better life makes this nation worse. And it does nothing to help Mexico improve. By providing an outlets for the dispossessed and dissatisfied, Mexico's elite do not have to reform a corrupt country or bring freedom to its masses. Mexico would be served by having its best business people, hardest workers and most dedicated to freedom having a revolution for a true democracy there. Build the fence to help save both countries.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Yes, I do believe the fence along the US - Mexico border is justified!

    As an American I am for protecting our borders. The drug traffic and illegal aliens that enter the United States from Mexico is a definite problem. I know people may say that there are ways to get around a fence, however every deterrent that helps keep drugs out of America is justified! As for the illegal alien aspect. America has always been called "the melting pot", this is not something I would like to change. The only thing I would ask is that you come to this country legally. Follow through with the proper procedures, get a job and pay taxes like the rest of America. If people play by the rules America would be a much better place.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • I agree with "anonymous" (3rd down)

    Provided it's high enough, strong enough, and electrical (like that of prison fencing) it will not only deter illegal immigrants - but also the tons of drugs that cross our borders. Although nothing is 100% effective, it will put a huge dent in the drug and immigration war. We're either going to pay millions for the fence to keep drugs and illegal immigrants out of the us, or we're going to continue to sink millions into trying to control the drugs and immigrants after it/they have arrived on our streets. If a fence isn't constructed, then why bother spending anymore money on a "never ending battle!"

  • Yes it will work, and save us money!

    It is going to cost us a lot of money to build a 700mile fence thats what I agree on but it is going to save us a lot more money in the long run. Lets consider the cost it takes to look after illegal immigrants a recent study found that 60% of illegal aliens are low-skilled workers which means they dont have a high school diploma, and individuals without a high school diploma impose significant net cost to the extent of which benefits receive greatly exceed the taxes paid, illegal immigrants pay 1$ in taxes to every 3$ paid in benefits, we are also spending $6 billion on government spending per year and additional 5$ billion a year in public assistance, what I have just mentioned are the few examples I have mentioned there are many other things associated with illegal immigration we are loosing money on.

    Now lets look at building a border fence, Jobs would be created building a fence which mean more jobs and more taxes paid, a border fence would work with blocking out illegal immigrants, we will be saving more money then spending having a border fence, studies have shown terrorist attacks on Israel have reduced 90% just have a border fence alone.

  • I oppose construction of a 700 mile fence along the US-Mexico border. The cost would be unjustified.

    There has been no documented crossing of the US-Mexico border by a terrorist. The crossing by illegal workers, while wrong, is not worth spending the ridiculous amount of money it would take to build a fence along the border. Even if a fence were built, people would find a way over, under or around it. The money it would take to build this fence would be better spent helping the poor, the sick or the hungry.

    Posted by: 5kyErto
  • A border fence between the US and Mexico could devastate the flow of wildlife and so is not justified.

    Human beings are not the only creatures who would be affected by a border fence between the United States and Mexico. The wildlife corridor is crucial to maintain healthy populations with high genetic diversity in critical species that are on the verge of extinction, such as the jaguar or the wolf.

    Posted by: Wynn354
  • I oppose a 700 mile fence along the US - Mexico border because it is a waste of money.

    Spending money to build a 700 mile fence along the US - Mexico border is a waste of money. This is money that could be spent else where in our nation improving our economy and improving the lives of the immigrants, instead of unsuccessfully attempting to keep immigrants out of the United States.

    Posted by: SlayClim
  • I don't feel like a 700 mile fence is justified, it is not a good use of our funds.

    A fence this big will take a long and expensive time to build. I think that boxer relations could be better dealt with. A fence will not prevent border crossings. People leave home because they are looking for better opportunities. We should look to build a better relationship with Mexico where we can develop beneficial business. We should see Mexico as our ally and not try to just build a wall to ignore a problem.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • A 700-mile fence along the US is a waste of time, money and resources--it is not justified.

    A 700-mile fence between the US-Mexican border doesn't change the current problem with immigration. One, it assumes that the fence will keep people out. There are other ways to get into the US--and if you look at the history of the Great Wall of China, invaders circumvented the Wall by bribing poorly-paid guards. Also, the time and money that went into creating, building and guarding the fence could have been used on more productive tasks. If you can build a fence, why not use those resources to build a hospital, a school or a library--something that adds to a community and brings it together, instead of breaking it up and keeping it apart?

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • No, this is just another challenge to be overcome.

    Building a 700 mile fence along the border just seems like it would be a complete waste of money. Unless it could be guarded, like fences in a prison, it would just offer another challenge to people wanting to get into the United States. I don't think it would work, and if people were injured or killed trying to get over it, where would the blame lie?

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • We are one continent and one people. We have the same populations of Native Americans and same language groups on both sides. It's stupid and cruel to split families and communities,

    People in the now United States spoke Spanish before they ever spoke English, and Native people have been here even longer. There's nothing but class warfare involved with splitting the population of the continent into two groups. People will want to be with their families, they will want the best jobs, all a big wall will do will be to empower the criminal element and feed corruptions.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • A fence along the U.S. border will not keep immigrants out

    Yes its important to keep drugs out, but why should we deny hard working immigrants a chance to succeed and reach their goals just like we are. I am currently doing a research paper on immigration and I have learned that there are many positive things to having them here. They bring enormous economic help to our society, and they are some of the fastest growing entrepreneurs. They are the key to making this country one united nation as it well should be. The government can very well find another way to keep drugs out without keeping the people that are truly here for change and success.

  • A fence alone will do nothing to stop the inflow of illegal immigrants.

    A fence by itself would not effectively stop the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border into US territory. What is needed is heavier penalties for those who cross illegally, immediate deportation, and increased border patrol manpower. Fences have failed miserably in the past. The money would be better spent increasing the manpower along all points of the border.

    Posted by: R0m4nticCar
  • Bad bad bad

    It doesn't make sense to have a wall that is 700 miles long because there is no way they're gonna have to money to pay for the wall and its guards. And if they don't have a ton of guards all along the wall then illegal immigrants would be able to get in.


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Anonymous says2013-04-24T07:21:06.687
Make the fence electric emmitting no less than 10 million volts or whatever is a lethal shock. Border patrol should be allowed to shoot on site. I promise if there was a bigger price to pay, less mexicans would be willing to pay it. We also need to nueter the ones that are here. They breed like rats. I saw a family the other day with 6 kids each 2 years apart, the oldest being 12 and the parents were only like 16.