Is a border fence the best way to stop illegal immigration?

  • Yes, it is about time Canada built a border fence.

    Illegal immigrants are pouring in from the south to take advantage of Canada’s superior living standards, excellent job opportunities and world-leading public services such as the universal health care system. Until Canada reaches the point of full employment, Canadian jobs must be reserved for Canadian citizens and a border fence should be built to keep economic migrants from the United States out.

  • I agree with a border fence being the way, because we have too many illegal aliens streaming over our borders.

    Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the United States. A fence along our border will slow down the flow of incoming illegal immigrants. But, it will not stop the problem entirely. A fence will also slow down the huge amount of illegal drugs that come pouring over our border, as well as making the property owners feel a bit safer along the border.

    Posted by: elliotspants
  • A border fence is the best way to stop illegal immigration, because it will allow us to control access to our country.

    Every security profession understands that one of the first things you need to do when protecting a defined space is to control access. If you can limit access to a few places, then you can focus most of your energy at those spots. A fence will help to limit the number of access points to the USA.

    Posted by: 5h4yGust
  • Yes, if we can not stop illegal immigrants from getting into the country in the first place, no amount of effort deporting them later will matter.

    Stopping illegal immigrants from getting into the country is easier than finding them once they are here. A border fence would not only keep out new illegal immigrants, but it would help prevent the successful border crossing by the same person repeatedly. Simply deporting an immigrant already in America is useless, if they can just walk right back into the country the next day.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I do not believe that a border fence will deter illegal immigrants. Stricter review of employee, patient, and student documentation will be more effective.

    Strict government review of documentation puts employers on guard, thus significantly decreasing illegal hiring practices and limiting the flow of illegal traffic over the border. This would occur especially in the specific areas where this practice is in effect, and would deter illegal immigrants much more than any fence would (or does).

    Posted by: R0m4nticHamm
  • yes agree with that

    Yes I agree with that because with that we can stop illegal immigration. No one can come to our place and fight for the place. It will approved by the government.

    Posted by: C0n4nGambit
  • As far as I can think, it is the best way because many people will not want to risk trying to cross the border.

    Residents of Mexico easily immigrated to our country because they could literally just walk right into it unlike most others. Since building the border, the amount of illegal immigrants has decreased. However, more guards should be working to keep the illegal immigrants out of America because sometimes a physical boundary isn't enough.

    Posted by: taillieanf09
  • Shoot to kill

    Why is it ok for the illegals to be coming here and living here off my hard earned money. If the democrats want to support them they should pay for them to stay here not the American people who have to work their asses off just to support their own kids... Palosi should let them come stay in her. Her property could be little mexico on her dime not ours..... Whos in favor to stop paying our taxes, we the American people don't get anything we want ...... This is such a joke....

  • Its smart and ephisient

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  • Offensive and Shallow

    Christopher Columbus was an illegal immigrant.

    I think its offensive to put up fences and walls to keep people out. Those things were originally use as a defense mechanism. Why treat them like animals by putting up barriers to keep them out. How about we create a system to make it EASIER for them to come over here with us......Legally. I bet that would stop the illegal immigration. They want opportunities for a better life just as we do, the have dreams just as we do; families to protect and care for.......Just as we do. What is illegal immigration anyway; seeming that no human really owns any part of this earth.....Let alone a country. If I had the money and resources I would help the immigrants. Case closed.

  • We need a really big wall

    China has proven to us that the best way to keep people out is a really big wall. Maybe if we throw in a moat as well, we can increase deterrence of all peoples not from the US. All people want to do is come in and take our jobs, but a fence has holes they could slip through. Plus, they can be in charge of their side of the wall and they can paint it or something, like the wall in Berlin!

  • Hey there's a tunnel under that wall

    This is the most ignorant waste of a big pile of money. They will laugh at our stupid wall and find many ways around it. It would work if we all move there and each one of us guards our lil piece of it, are you ready to do your part? Let's all move to Texas!

  • Anyone can get around a wall.

    We have fences now in many places along the border. It hasn't stopped illegals from crossing. Try simplifying the process of becoming legal. Billions spent on a fence/wall is a waste of money. Take that money and fix our infrastructure or education or healthcare. Create jobs! Be sensible. Americans didn't ask for US to pay for a wall. Trump conned again.

  • Hireling more Americans & local citizens (farmers and ranchers) is better than a white elephant ugly wall

    The mountain lions, bears, jaguars, deer, peccary , wild horses and burros, have to migrate somewhere. A expensive ugly wall will stop the natural wildlife migration, hurting fortune generations and bottleneck the DNA of the travelling wildlife! Hireling more boarder guards from local ranchers and local citizens needing jobs is superior and better common sense than a lonely ugly expensive wall. Many American citizens can protect farms, ranches and livestock as well as people's homes and lonely families as border guards. This creates more desired jobs. What do other countries do? It is much cheaper than an ugly wall. They could ride horses and mules at night with guard dogs, binocular night vision cameras! What about the Indian reservations and wildlife preserves? People need jobs there too! What would Matt Dillon and Festus Hagen do? Hire Geronimo and Cochise!!!

  • Walls are a cop-out. Reasonable, fair, diplomatic solutions are the only way we can lift our heads and proudly state, "we a humanistic

    Walls (bandaids) are a very base approach to this issue of illegal immigrants.
    I feel we must to come up with logical tactics that really DEAL with this huge burden. Offering incentives to those who want to enter the U.S. Legally might get thir attention. Build a new, better alliance with
    Mexico. Bring the most knowledgeable, brilliant immigration specialists together to solve this problem. The only positive solution is a Humanistic solution.

  • Border fences and wall the East Germans done it many years ago

    The problem is because 80% of the immigrants apply for a visa and about 60% get refused the visa for a none reason, this is why they cross the border illegally. I can say for my self I pay income taxes in the US, have a tax id no and a ssn no and own my US company and have 500 employees and the INS still denied my visa. I am a German citizen. I still planning to fire all my Employees in the USA and move my company to Mexico. Yes I can understand why the Mexican cross the border illegally. The US Government is that way they want your income and money but they want you. A real American don't exist all of them was immigrants. If the want to build a wall why not also build shooting towers, because this happens next. The US Immigration law is worsted's as the East German ever was before.

  • We are ALL immigrants.

    We all came from every where. The ones that read this will probably have a relative or two from Russa, China, Mexico, France, Japan, Germany or the one most of us come from is the UK. If you don't believe me, look it up in history. The U.S. is made of every one, not just from the UK, we are from every where. Look at your hair, look at your eyes, look at your skin color, and your height, you got something from every nation. You think your are a "pure race", YOUR NOT! There is no such thing as pure, pure is only what your heart can be, drop the wall and let all of us in because if YOU close everyone else out for where they live, who they are, then you need to realize you are already with them so imbrace your fellow Man/Woman as your Brother/Sister under your skin, under your faith. Your DNA says me, you, him, and her are all in you, so be happy.

  • Border fence is not the only way to stop illegal immigration.

    No, a fence never worked. Watch towers and facilities made of concrete. Fence along border can be connected between each tower. A night vision heat sensor on top each much like a light house. When the sensors detect any thing in the distance a silent alarm alerts drones to hover over the area sending a detailed visual information. An early warning system in a way. The cost of prefabricated concrete structures is very cost efficient and requires little workforce to setup.
    Instead of paying illegal people food and giving tax money as a reward for crossing the fake line, I'd rather employ Americans to guard our borders from ANYONE. The countries where these people are from need to take responsibility. Until we have no homeless, no foster children, families without homes, high unemployment, overcrowded classrooms, and a chance for legal immigrants room to progress.
    I know it's the powers that be working emotions using children as a deflection. Mexicans come here have no respect for this place, they'd rather not come here. Protesters need to take action pushing Mexico, central and south America to better their situation. Why are these people being treated better than people in need here? Shady! My dads from Mexico and my mother American with great grandparents born here when it was part of Mexico. My father knew nothing of his culture, didn't care, was a laborer and couldn't stand the undocumented, some in feeling too comfortable would talk about leaving home and fearful of getting caught for a crime they had committed. Please stop rewarding people who spit on this place. Your catering to arrogance, ignorant, racist, separatists who get the wrong idea when in large numbers. Snowball full of tards! The same as a hillbilly....Unwilling to integrate and feel inferior to the rest. BTW what's the deal with US MARINE still jailed? See!?! Laughing at us!

  • Prevent Access to Employment with Non- Counterfeitable ID Card

    The main reason I want an effective deterrent to illegal immigration is to prevent exploitation. It's common for this workforce to be denied wages and told to go tell the police or even worse, women are raped and told to go tell the police. The incentive for them to cross the border is to obtain jobs. If they couldn't get jobs, they wouldn't come. The employer would be fined on a sliding scale based on his annual income. Also, all workers would need an ID card that is non-ciunterfeitable by using biometric technology. A border fence is much more expensive than my suggested method.

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