Is a candle march the only way of demanding justice?

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  • No no never

    No it is not necessary that only for justice it is used, it is a wonderful way to clear the craft from our country .As we know that there are many craft leader are in our country so by using candle March we can end the craft from our country

  • No, There are Many Ways to Bring Change

    A candle march is beautiful and moving. The lights gleam in the darkness,
    and the crowd feels unified and strong. Such a march gathers support and
    creates publicity, but otherwise does little. Court battles force change, as
    when women won lawsuits for better jobs and higher pay. Government
    actions force change, as when the public schools in Arkansas were opened at
    last to all children. Education can bring change, as when teachers encourage
    children to be small eco-warriors. A candle-lit march lifts the heart, but there
    are other effective ways to bring change.

  • Justice Through Many Means

    A candle march is definitely not the only way to demand justice for a crime or other incident. Groups can march without candles, sign petitions, and call for action through other means. Demanding justice requires the combined efforts of multiple individuals and a receptive government or other group. Justice isn't always served.

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