Is a charismatic politician better than an intelligent politician?

Asked by: Juris
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  • Look at Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney was charismatic. He unified his party and tried to take on incumbent President Barack Obama. But he wasn't intelligent. He made off-the-cuff remarks that got thrown back at him. His team relied on an Election Day app for cell phones that was untested and untried. Romney surrounded himself with people who failed him to win the election. In that respect, perhaps it is better to have a smart politician rather than one with a flashy smile. Next time, the GOP needs more substance and less style.

  • The best politician is one who can act for themselves

    Charismatic politicians are great at getting elected, but not very good at standing for their values, unless they are both charismatic and intelligent. Unfortunately, generally we elect people who are more charismatic, over the politician that is more intelligent. We should consider next election season, voting for the more intelligent politician.

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