Is a chiropractic education rigorous enough for successful candidates to receive a doctoral degree upon completion?

  • Chiropractic Education is Enough for Doctoral Degree

    I believe that Chiropractic Education is very rigorous and intensive and that individuals who complete the education program should be awarded a Doctoral degree upon completion. Just like Dentists and Doctors, so too should Chiropractic practitioners receive a doctoral degree when finished with school. Any education field that requires over 2 years of school should award the graduates a doctoral degree.

  • Yes anyone who completes chiropractic education has completed a rigorous program and should be granted a doctoral degree.

    The typical applicant to an accredited chiropractic program has completed a four-year undergraduate pre-med program or has a BS degree in one of the life sciences. They then next must completed four-five years of chiropractic education and clinical training. This is comparable to the four-year course of education for a medical doctor degree.

  • Just like doctors

    Yes, people who go through school and achieve a chiropractic education have worked extremely hard to get there, and have worked just as hard as a regular doctor. They know every injury that can occur, and know ways to adjust the body to fix and heal all the different injuries.

  • They are just not ethical.

    No, chiropractic education is not at all rigorous enough for successful candidates to receive a doctoral degree upon completion. Chiropractic stuff is pretty much close to junk science. Basically, it's a fancy title for someone who paid a lot more money to become a physical therapist. They are not real doctors.

  • It Depends Where

    I really depends where a student studies chiropractic education to determine rather or not a student will end up with a doctoral degree upon completion. Within the United States it seem to be a possibility, but not necessarily a rule of thumb. In other countries it may not take as much education to practice.

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