Is a citizen's safety more important then a citizen's privacy?

  • I hate privacy

    I do not like privacy because it does not keep you safe like safety does i hate privacy soooooo much that i wish that it was not even real and no one had it i still hate it soooo much that i do not want it any more to weird.

  • The fact I can

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  • Safety is 100% more important than privacy

    What if you contacted a person on the internet, and they kidnapped you. The only way you could have cops track you down is to show them this freaks username and information. That if they didn't go through your private messages they would never be able to find this person, and save you.

  • We shall listen, not lecture; learn, not threaten. We will enhance our safety by earning the respect of others and showing respect for them.

    Gun control impinges upon the Second Amendment; involuntary commitment impinges upon the liberty clause of the Fifth Amendment; curbing 'entertainment' violence impinges upon First Amendment free speech. That's a lot of impingement, a lot of amendments. But there's no free lunch. Increasing public safety almost always means restricting liberties. Law enforcement officers are never 'off duty.' They are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the peace is threatened. They need all the help that they can get.

  • It is important our safety.

    We should be safe and dont matter our privacy or anthything else in the world we matter and that is why the government is protecting us from our enemies. The government needs to take care of their community and be sure we are safe our children need to be safe more than everything!!!

  • Yes it is.

    Our safety should always come first. I think it is understandable to give up a little privacy if it means being safe and feeling safe. Of course that leaves us open for having people in power to abuse it and take away too much privacy, so we have to find a safe and good middle ground.

  • Yes a citizen's safety is more important than privacy

    I said yes because your life is in danger and it is your responsibility to secure it. Who knows if you have a second chance. Privacy is the second thing AFTER safety. A life is so valuable. You dont want to lose it. What if a someone tries to shoot you and you are taking a bath. Grab some clothes and seek help.

  • What privacy will you have if you get killed?

    I get that privacy is really important but if you get killed protecting your privacy then thyere is no point in having it. Most people waste thier time saying they keep thier lives privet yet on social meadia they say all the things that they are doing. I think a small sacrifice of privacy for safty is more important.

  • The Health of the State Determines the Health of the People!

    We mustn't forget the primary objective. There are those out to get us, and a little more transparency in our lives helps to keep them at bay. There are always wolves among us, and they must be found at any cost. Privacy is but a little sacrifice to make compared to your life!

  • When you have countries that are willing to blow up your cities and destroy your country, I say my privacy is of less importance.

    If I am on the telephone or my computer, or sitting in my living room with visitors. There is nothing said or done that would cause a national breech of security. Do I want someone listening, NO! Not that there was anything to hide, but it is a sheer invasion of my privacy.
    On the other hand if there is spying going on between countries, whether friends or foes. I think if this is done to serve our security. That is justifiable. But for someone to share this information with someone who can cause our country harm, is a traitor and should be treated as such. For those that fear our freedom of privacy is being lost, they are the ones who have something to hide, such as hiding their money down in the Cayman Islands. Or over in Switzerland. Or maybe trying to trick us into another war to build up their financial empire. I understand Monsanto Chemical Co. wishing their privacy, they don't want us to know what they put in our foods, but the regular farmer doesn't have any security risk in his conversations. Maybe you have some illegal folks speaking some foreign tongue, that may get nervous, for fear of being caught. As American citizens we all want to be safe and secure. Our being a world power does put us in a position of vulnerability, we do have checks and balances to avoid a China type regimen.

  • Privacy is a personal privilege

    Big Brother doesn't need to be watching me. My privacy, and my freedom, are of utmost important to me. I agree with the Ben Franklin quote on this side of the argument. Giving up freedom for the feeling of security isn't worth it. A gilded cage is still a cage. A citizen deserves his or her privacy above the needs of everyone else's safety.

  • V for Vendetta

    Safety is an illusion we conjure up to make ourselves feel better. I have always loved the movie V for Vendetta because of V's speech about giving up privacy for security. If safety is important then why not insure it yourself by making use of the second amendment which allows for the right to bear arms. When people put their safety in the hands of government entities it has the potential to become tyranny. "Cruelty and injustice...Intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors, and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission" (V for Vendetta). When we give up privacy for safety and security we open the door to losing everything.

  • We NEED Privacy

    Many people think there is privacy in the world but that is not true. What most people don't know is that the government literally will pay loads of money for our privacy. There are cameras and face tracers and licence plate recorders and even more ways that they can steal our privacy. We as citizens are selling our souls to the government but none of us realize it and think we are safe. We need to protect our privacy and make sure that we are truly safe in society these days. -Written by a 14 Year Old

  • Privacy is far more important.

    Safety in this country just doesn't exsist. Please note the ones who are suppose to "serve & protect" citizens have been doing just the opposite. Killing innocents and getting away with it. Our privacy is the only thing somewhat protecting us. And the government is already invading that. Privacy is the only thing somewhat protecting us I guess you could say.

  • No, it is not

    Although we should have some security such as police and stuff like that, we don't need the government seeing us naked, seeing what we do on the internet, security cameras in bathrooms and bedrooms are just plain stupid and shows the government is paranoid. We have privacy for a reason.

  • There is no safety.

    No matter what you think safe is, you never are safe. The governments idea of "safety," is surveillance. Life itself will take its course, and no amount of safety precautions will protect it. We can fix car crash ratings and make them safer, but in reality you could die in your own home at any given moment. What safety procedures will really be done? None. Just more cameras that will watch you constantly, and POTENTIALLY catch the person that did the damage. So clearly Privacy is more important to the citizens. That's one of the only things we really have control of!

  • Privacy is a personal privilege

    Privacy is a personal privilege that should be given to every citizen. It’s what makes the Land of the Free what it claims to be. If citizens give up their privacy for protection, who’s to say that the ones protecting them will keep them safe. Once your privacy has been invaded, you’re not safe anymore.

  • Civil Rights Must Be Upheld

    Big Brother doesn't need to be watching me. My privacy, and my freedom, are of utmost important to me. I agree with the Ben Franklin quote on this side of the argument. Giving up freedom for the feeling of security isn't worth it. A gilded cage is still a cage. A citizen deserves his or her privacy above the needs of everyone else's safety.

  • Ben Franklin said it best.

    Ben Franklin said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." This sums up my view nicely, as well. By giving up your freedom, you are giving up your safety as well, because you will not be safe from the government should it ever decide to expand its "protection" of you.

  • Privacy is of utmost importance

    Safety is not more important than a citizen's privacy! People should be able to defend themselves if they feel threatened, or be able to call upon the government for defense without giving up their privacy! This question is not worded right, it should be worded, "Should citizens have to give up their privacy in order to be safe from terrorism?", because that is what is implied with the original format. We are free people in the United States. We must remain free from government intervention in our private lives! Monitor the bad guys, not the people!

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