• The Black Swan Event of the Century

    "Cold Fusion" more precisely known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Quantum Fusion is real. The experiments and real world testing has confirmed it. Folks who say otherwise have no proof to support their denials. Its such a profound breakthrough that people are dumbfounded to see how far the technology has progressed. I predict that there will be "Cold Fusion" machines on the market working for a couple of years before people actually choose to believe it is real. Just like airplanes, light bulbs, the microwave and the internet.

    Check it all out for yourself:



  • Let the evidence speak for them selves. Things can be true even if we don't understand them.

    Humans used fire for their benefits for over 1.5 million years before understanding how it worked. Thousands of experiments from respectful companies and scientists (Toyota, Mitsubishi, ST Micro, MIT to name few), have not only demonstrated and confirmed a non-chemical originated heat release but also nuclear transmutations of the materials used. Just like with the fire in the old days, we don't have a solid explanation why this happens, but it looks like we are by using Edisonian approach close to make a useful products based on this phenomena. We are not in the stone age anymore and will probably not have to wait for 1.5 million years to get the explanation why this works. Until then we are however in the position that our matches catch fire sometimes but other times they simply don't work. Because we don't understand the process, we still haven't figured out that the matches must be dry to catch fire but have no luck with wet matches. Sticking our heads into the sand and concluding all findings that are not every-time repeatable or do not fit with the current models of physics as fraud or measurement errors and refusing to sponsor research in this field until the few non-sponsored scientists have resolved the puzzle is however not going to bring us anywhere.

  • Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

    This 113 page slide show from NASA, June of 2013, lays out what we are preparing to prevent, by forseeing what advanced technologies will bring to the theatre of warfare.

    LENR is clearly real, more than we realize.

    What can the emergent LENR energy and advanced technology communities do to contribute to a world culture that does not feel the need to ever go to war again?

    That is the challenge according to Bushnell, and in many peoples opinion, the only solution.

    Think out of the box... Enable peace... It is extremely important for our future.

  • The market is deciding

    Unless we believe that there is a highly orchestrated con underway, or that multiple very capable individuals have somehow got their observations staggeringly wrong, I'd say the market is deciding this issue right now. The LENR related technologies looking to come to market in the near future, if they perform even half as well as promised, will put the issue to bed one and for all.

  • Cold fusion is real, just waiting for the world to catch up.

    Cold fusion has been established as a fact. There have been 100s of studies which indicate that there really is a anomalous nuclear phenomenon. Cold fusion reactors are not only feasible, they have been build numerous times. However, oddly enough the thought of cold fusion is such heresy for most of the physics community that not many people take the researcher seriously. For those of us who are willing to make up their own mind, there is much to find on the net e.g.

  • Not only feasible, close to being on the market.

    There are several companies that will put them on the market within a few years. The theory of why they work is very much debatable, but full theory is not needed to make something, that was how all discoveries were made before the age of theorists started.

    Also, very interesting that hot fusions costs billions on billions, delivers nothing within 50 years and everyone shy's away something that has way more functioning tests behind it.

  • Engineering has always lead Physics.

    This is just the latest case of engineers leading physics, just because we do not understand it, makes it unreliable, non repeatable, but it doesn't mean its a whole collection of people out to defraud, it means there is something out there which we do not understand. The thing we need to watch for is the production of the first available customer product. At that point a number of things will happen one is that physics will have to come to terms with the fact that its laws do match reality, this will enable a better product to be produced. Think of the steam engine as invented by Trevithick, it took 25yrs to perfect. Once a LENR device appears for sale the clock is ticking and it will take approx 7years for 90% of the world to be using it. So quick you say - think about the camera in your mobile phone, that achieved it in 9yrs. Watch this space with interest

  • "Cold fusion" (excess heat) has been verified experimentally hundreds of times.

    There are hundreds of reports regarding experiments that were successful in duplicating the excess heat found in early research. The US Navy has successfully performed the experiments. Google "SPAWARS Cold Fusion" and see what you get. The experiments do not achieve 100% repeatability due to lack of a solid theory of how it works and so all factors affecting the outcome of the experiments cannot be accounted for, but yet various experienced researchers can get 50% of their experiments to work.

  • The evidence is mounting...

    I've been following the LENR movement for several years now and have gone from completely not believing its possible to being cautiously optimistic that a cold fusion reactor is possible. NASA, Toyota, DARPA, Mitsubishi, and a host of smaller entities are building working prototypes. I'm not ready to say this is a technology that will bring free unlimited energy to the world, but I do think that LENR is a real and possibly useful phenomenon.

  • Cold fusion has been demonstrated

    In several countries, researchers have demonstrated the possibility of cold fusion. Some more developed and others starting in research work. Undoubtedly, Andra Rossi, who is going to bring us this technology soon. The size of the companies involved in cold fusion research demonstrates the importance that this issue has taken, and the emergence of a commercial reactor becomes a matter of time.

  • A cold fusion reactor is not feasible.

    Currently, a cold fusion reactor is not feasible. Although it is impossible to rule out the discovery of cold fusion in the future, it is not currently even a possibility. For the time being, we will have to develop a different kind of alternative energy in order to solve the energy crisis.

  • Original Pons/Fleischmann experiment deeply flawed

    It was suggested that a nuclear fusion reaction was responsible for trace amounts of helium found within the electrodes, but considering that the researchers did not carefully purge their apparatus and that it is common to find traces of helium in precious metals due to a manufacturing process, the likelihood that fusion has anything to do with this experiment is pretty much nil. That supporters still look upon the original experiment in a positive light almost 30 years later strongly suggests gross incompetence.

  • Concepts based upon experimental error are never feasible, because they almost never work.

    First and foremost cold fusion is not proven because the experiments are never repeatable, and without the ability to repeat an experiment, how can I tell if someone did not make up the data? The cause of this non repeatability is hotly debated and possibilities include scientific fraud and experimental error. Therefore until it can be reproduced en masse it cannot be accepted as feasible.

  • Cold fusion is, of course possible...

    Muon-catalyzed fusion has been known to be possible since at least the 1950s. The problem is generation of the muons in sufficient quantity sufficient to overcome the alpha-sticking problem.

    So, is a CF reactor possible? Sure--but I suspect that, barring some way to overcome the issues already mentioned, it's not feasible, at least in the sense of an energy source.

  • There would not be enough energy.

    No, a cold fusion reaction is not feasible, because there would not be enough energy generated by a cold fusion reaction in order to have a nuclear reaction and create energy. There is not enough energy at low temperatures in order to make the cold reactor work. There are some simple physics issues, and it would not work.

  • Cold fusion reactors are not feasible.

    First, Cold fusion cannot happen because temperatures need to be few millions degrees Fahrenheit for fusion of atoms to take place. The idea that you can have "fusion reaction" at room temperature thus thwarting the very laws of physic, and thus overcoming the Coulomb barrier, has no merit. Second, if a fusion reaction does take place one will be overcome by a deathly does of gamma radiation w/o Protection. Thirdly, One need a great amount of energy to attain something resembling cold fusion.

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