• Yes, a college degree is a ticket to a new life.

    Yes, I believe that a college degree is a ticket to a new life because now a days in 2014 you can't get very far in the workforce without a college degree in something. If you want to spend your life working at McDonald's then that is okay, but if you would actually like a good job one day a college degree is mandatory.

  • Yes. Education is the most important thing.

    If you perform badly in college, it is as good as you haven't attended college, so don't be surprised if you end up working with people who didn't attend college. However if you do exceptional or at least average. Just search on the internet, you will find thousands of places hiring.

  • The perils of college debt

    While college degree can offer many job opportunities, college debt must be considered when pursuing an education. The attainment of a college degree does not guarantee a job post graduation. This debt can place new place a student's college debt in the tens of thousands of dollars. This degree can take years to pay off, and can place heavy emotional and financial stress upon a person. Questions such as career goal, a college educations alignment with that career goal, and personal interest need to all be carefully evaluated before pursuing a college degree.

  • No, a college degree doesn't necessarily lead to a better life.

    A college graduate on average makes a lot more money than a high school graduate. If a student receives a degree in a stable career field, they will increase their financial situation. However, with the ridiculous rising cost of education, a college degree puts many in debt for decades. If the degree they get is in English Literature, they will work at the same Starbucks as the drop out.

  • Yes and No

    Although I believe having a college degree can open many doors for people. Which gives them opportunities, credits and knowledge that alot of people do not have. But I also believe that although some people who have obtained a college degree were not able to find jobs using their degree, and have ended up working the jobs people without degrees obtain.

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