• Depends on what you mean by college

    Community college? University? Trade school?

    University isn't right for everyone. I would actually say it isn't right for a great many. Most, even.

    But college? Trade school? The world would be a far better place if everyone had some level of trade or skill to use, rather than doing the service industry type job as slaves to the conglomerates. That was Ben Franklin's belief, that education was the key to advancing the culture. I tend to agree. Everyone can go out and learn some sort of skill that they can use to become prosperous.

  • Anything that must be provided is not a right.

    I do not believe that anything that must be provided by someone else is a right. It is the same with healthcare, I do not have a right to someone else's extremely hard work and labor. Most teachers are at least masters students who have worked hard to get where they are, so I have no right to their time.

  • College IS NOT for everyone

    I am happy to be almost completed with my degree. That being said, I have learned over these past few years of college, that no. College is simply not something that everyone can do or complete. It's very expensive, can be stressful, and some people just do not think it is worth it.

  • College Education is Not Right for Everyone

    It would be nice if a college education was right for everyone. But it is not, no more than anything else is. Some people are naturally more scholarly than others and they thrive in the college environment. Others are not. Some do fine but hate it and don't really benefit. And there are others who struggle academically and while they may be gifted mechanically or in other ways, the academic environment is just not for them. They don't belong in college and they know it.

  • No, I don't believe a college education is right for everyone.

    I believe not everyone should go to college, I think many people would benefit much more from learning a trade or starting a business as opposed to taking out a large loan to go to college, I believe unless you are going into a field that is highly specific and know you will need a education then I believe everyone should seriously look at other viable options.

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