Is a college education worth the investment to obtain a Liberal Arts degree?

Asked by: TravelingtheUSA
  • Absolute, in the right place:

    The saddest part of almost every human criticism is that it's almost always made in a local light. Where art degrees are booming is not necessarily where you are and if you are unwilling to go to those areas then you should be unwilling to undertake what isn't necessary where you are.

    Be your passion, of course, but if your passion is not profitable where you are have a contingency plan as well; perhaps get a 2-year degree in something generic that pays well and then continue onward into your passion so that at the end of the day you are not a starving artist.

  • Not at all necessary.

    Any job you can (are likely to) get with a liberal arts degree, you could get without one. There's no gender studies prerequisite to be a receptionist, there's no medieval french literature requirement to work at a post office. The only jobs you need them for are teaching that very subject to the next generation of ignorant hipsters. And I will tell you now, there are more of you out there than there are university teaching jobs. Save your 200K, do something more productive with your time. Any L.A. You want to learn, you can learn on your own, with books, for about .0001% the costs of college.

  • Not Worth The Investment

    The reason why I believe a Liberal Arts degree is not worth the investment is because many Liberal Arts majors today who obtain just a Bachelor’s Degree end up working in a job field that they could of done right after High School since there are not many jobs available for Liberal Arts majors after they graduate and many want you have at least five years of experience just to get an entry level job.

    Instead of getting a Liberal Arts degree, I suggest to major in Business because I believe that a Business degree has more options for employment opportunities and networking opportunities with just a Bachelor’s Degree because many Liberal Arts Degrees (like Anthropology, Philosophy, History, Sociology and Psychology to name a few) require you to have a Master’s Degree just to get your foot in the door with a future employer

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