• With a Communist government,

    Those idiots basically own you. Who would trust a form of government that has killed millions, destroyed economies, and caused a 50-year Cold War? And the "spread the wealth" is Bull-shevik. (Get it?) You may as well get a low-paying job in Communism. They know everything about you, like Obama's goal using the NSA as a table to hide behind.

  • Yes, it is.

    A communist government is too nosy. This is because in order for everyone to make the same amount, everyone has to be carefully monitored. A lot of communist countries have censorship as well which ruins peoples free thinking and will. I believe communist countries are always investigating their own citizens for plots.

  • A communist government can be intrusive.

    A communist government can be intrusive in respect to the fact that, in theory, it goes to extremes to insure that there is even distribution among everyone. To those who are fans of free market capitalism, this likely seems very intrusive. The intrusion, though, for those who are fans of communism can be viewed as a form of mediation.

  • Yes, but most government gets that way.

    The Communist governments of most countries does get too intrusive, but that's because Communism is not found in its pure form. However, democracy is not found in its pure form any more and we are finding that even the United States is intruding on the privacy of its citizens all the time.

  • I think that a communist government is far too intrusive.

    I think that a communist government is far too
    intrusive. Government is supposed to
    serve the people in order to make their lives easier and better. A communist government is just taking
    advantage of its citizens. I don’t think
    that a government should be involved in every part of our lives.

  • We Haven't Seen a Good Example

    A Communist government is a system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people. This works great on small scales, but we've never seen an actual working model that was straight forward. China was attempt, but more in a utilitarian sense which greatly marred this systems ideals. I think its possibly a good form, but then again it relies on everyone being beneficial, so its important to place people where they make a difference and can enjoy their work at the same time.

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