• They totally control.

    Yes, a communist state is by definition a totalitarian state, because the communist state literally controls everything. The communist state tells a person where to live, what to eat, what to do for a living, what the living is, and when the person dies. With total control over the state, the obvious conclusion is that a communist state is a totalitarian state.

  • They are politically and economically different

    Communism is, theoretically, a government of the people, and a "stateless" or classless society. That would mean there is no "one" in total control politically, and from an economic perspective, that wealth is shared. The people make those decisions. A totalitarian state or monarchy, means there is a controlling head, and that people don't get to be involved in decision-making or choosing how wealth is distributed.

  • No, Communism hasn't really been tried.

    Communism as a doctrine is supposed to be egalitarian by its very nature. But as with any form of government it soon begins to change to suit the tastes of those who come into power. In truth we have not seen any large examples of communism being tried and carried out for a long period of time.

  • Definitely Not The Same

    In a Communist State everything is controlled by the government but the people's opinion is what fuels changes and their opinion matters, everything is for the people's good (ideally). In a totalitarian state everything is controlled by the government and the people's opinion has no influence what so ever, nothing is done in their best interest. There are many other differences between the two, just remember that countries rarely stay within the strict definitions of governments, they usually take a little from a variety of ideals.

  • A communist state is not by definition a totalitarian state.

    Communism is a political concept, not a political one. In history, all of the states which adopted communism turned out to follow the totalitarian example of Stalin. Today, however, the People's Republic of China is still controlled by the Communist Party of China. Life in China is similar to other industrialized countries.

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