Is a comparison of Mother Teresa and Princess Di morally repugnant?

  • Mother Theresa was immoral

    I don't know about Diana, but she seemed nice I guess. But mother theresa would go look at all these suffering, starving peoplee and be elated about it-saying the more suffering there is the closer we are to jesus returning, so suffering is GOOD. What a psycho, but cant blame her, she followed the most immoral philosophy in history-which directly led to all that suffering in many cases-look at America-we killed of as many as 70million natives, under the morality of the bible using Manifest Destiny and calling them animals... As they did blacks, "slavery is a divine institution" and as they did women " they are too dumb to be educated'. One thing is for sure, any betting person who likes money would always bet against that religion with nearly a perfect track record for being wrong.

  • Princess Di was genuinely Charitable, Mother Teresa was in it for Herself and Her Religion only:

    Princess Di, honestly tried to actually Help the poor, Mother Teresa spent money stolen from the poor on training centers for nuns, but not a cent on really helping the suffering of the poor, as mother Teresa wanted them to suffer, as she gained dignity and fame from their suffering. She never treated nor tried to actually relieve their suffering as she believed they should suffer, so they suffered in her institutions possibly worse than they would suffer outside of them, since no family nor friends were allowed to visit. They were not their to have their suffering relieved, they were just there to Die an undignified, lonely death.
    Many were treatable by medicine and suffering relieved by medication, but they never received any such aid, they were only supposed to suffer, which was her way.

  • A comparison of Mother Teresa and Princess Di is not morally repugnant.

    It is acceptable to compare these two people. Although it might offend people, it is the role of the public to ask questions and to examine our public figures. Both women were are admired, but they were also highly criticized. It cannot be morally repugnant to merely ask questions and present the comparison of them.

  • Not a moral issue

    There is nothing wrong with comparing both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana; Princess Diana did extensive charity work, and Mother Teresa became a sort-of force in her own right. The comparison was drawn, however, largely due to them being contemporaneous media presences - they are certainly very different, but the comparison isn't immoral in itself.

  • Both Women Supported the Poor

    Although Mother Teresa and Princess Diana came from very different backgrounds, the comparison between the two is not morally repugnant. Both women were popular with the masses and were very good with people. Both saw a need to minister to the sick, poor and those less fortunate. Both women died within months of each other, although under vastly different circumstances. TO say both women are similar is not an insult whatsoever.

  • A comparison of Mother Teresa and Princess Di is not morally repugnant.

    It is acceptable to compare Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. Both were flawed characters who were probably more interested in their own celebrity than helping other people. Although these two people were famous, most people do not know about their troubled personal lives. Also, both have become even more famous in death.

  • Not morally, necessarily

    The comparison to the two of them is not, necessarily, morally wrong, but its somewhat strange, and seems to only be present because they were contemporaries in terms of their news coverage. The Princess did charity but she was, first and foremost, an object of celebrity interest, as opposed to a literal saint.

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