• I do think it is likely.

    Over the past year, Russia has made themselves the headlines in our newspapers and not for a good reason. Hence why I think they will have a currency crisis in the near future. They have cancelled themselves out with the rest of the world so they will have a hard time at keeping their economy together.

  • Yes, this is likely

    A currency crisis in Russia is very likely because that country is digging itself a huge hole in the ground after crisis in ukraine and now ISIS. They have no one else from anywhere in the world helping them out with trades and stuff anymore and i really dont see many positive things for that country.

  • They are moving up.

    No, a currency crisis in Russia is not likely, because they are not a currency-based economy. Most of Russia is still very poor. The country is still mostly people who farm for themselves. Also, Russia really controls their currency because they are a rising country and they are careful to make sure they do not have problems.

  • Russia's Currency Crisis

    Russia has seen their fair share in the rising and falling of their economy. They have overcame other money concerns during their history, therefore, making it difficult to think that Russia can't overcome any new currency woes. Russia is strong and should be in a good position when it comes to any kind of currency troubles, for this reason Russia doesn't seem likely to have a currency crisis in the near future.

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