• Persevereance is worth it!

    Firstly, college is not for everyone! For others (like myself), taking forty classes in a span of four years allows you to put a fancily-framed diploma on your wall and a title next to your name on business cards. For some people (especially those who come from highly-educated families), going to college is simply a rite of passage where they learn a lot about themselves, specialize in their major, and learn hard lessons. If you want to practice medicine, law, clinical mental health, university teaching, etc., you should expect to spend both undergraduate and graduate school as these fields (and many others) simply require extensive knowledge, maturity, and supervised residency. One would not want their physician to not have graduated from medical school or a pilot, attorney, or architect failing their exams because these professions put people's lives in the hands of the trained professional. College is definetely worth it if you plan on using your degree in one form or another, e.g. a human services, social work, sociology, or psychology major transferring to graduate school for a Master in Social Work or closely-related graduate degree. Studies show that about thirty percent of freshmen drop out after the first year, and fifty percent of college students never graduate with their Bachelor's degree. Colleges and universities can be expensive, yes, but students can obtain their Associate's degree at a community college, transfer to a four-year institution, apply for scholarships and pell grants, and purchase their textbooks through Chegg eBooks. A lot of eightteen-year olds go off to college because their parents wanted them to, despite not knowing what career they want to pursue or even lacking a desire to be in university. University is a wise investment for those who have a good sense of what profession they want to practice, and it's in their interest to work hard for four to eleven years in university so they can have an enjoyable, lucrative, and passionate job rather than graduating high school and working at a car dealership or Wal-Mart. Most people that have ambition--and a dream--do not envision themselves working at Wal-Mart for the rest of their lives, so many people are willing to get a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate degree so they can avoid the "dead-end" jobs that offer little pay, poor benefits, and opportunity for growth, self-fulfillment, a decent home and vehicle, and comfortable standard of living.
    Personally, I feel that I will only be succesfull if I do obtain my Master's degree (and maybe even Doctorate) so I can go into the helping profession and help people because it is my calling, i.e. my dream. Aspiring social workers and therapists don't willingly spend six to eleven years in university to make a "mediocre" salary, but rather to help their society and fellow people. If I wanted to become rich, I would have majored in biology, accounting, or engineering, but money can't necessarily buy happiness.

  • Boost income and your resume

    Going to college is not only a life changing experience, but it will also boost your income and your resume. A college degree might also be a prerequisite for a job you want too. And, higher paying jobs always need a college degree for you to get that job. It also wouldn't hurt for you to have a degree, because that way you have a better chance of getting a job you wanted.

  • Intelligence v. Degree

    The unfortunate fact that many business including teaching institutions require the "degree" in order to prove that we have dedicated enough time to actually teach a specific subject. However, I do agree that there are same idiots out there with several pieces of paper from institutions of great stature. It does not hurt to have the "American Ingenuity" that makes out country great and the place where dreams come true. There must a balance between good sense, intelligence and dedication to be successful. A degree can be a tool. Without a little drive and people skills, the paper leads to debt, and pure sign that a person is just one paper pusher.

  • No , it's not needed.

    There are other ways to educate yourself.College is one way , but some people just can't handle the systematic approach of the college , and most of the times they educate themselves and they learn the skills that interest them , there are many people that has gone that way and became successful.(Sorry for my bad English)

  • We need to redefine success.

    John Lennon once was given an assignment when he was at school where he had to go home and draw "What he wanted to be when he grew up" so he drew a portrait with the word "Happy" over it. His teacher told him he didn't understand the assignment. Lennon told his teacher she didn't understand life. Success shouldn't be measured monetarily, or benchmarked against a desired workplace or position, success should be defined by how you meet your own goals and standards, or by how you determine your own success to look like. A degree is not necessarily (and for the majority of us definitely not) a part of that.

  • Not necessary most case

    You just have to have knowledge in some other feild like be it programming, art, and many others. If you don't have a degree you can't get a job a job thanks to today's society. But you can start your own. A programmer can for example be an indie developer. You can post art in deviant art, or use advertisements to help you with a blog, Youtube etc!

  • A degree doesn't limit you're knowledge

    According to me a degree can never limit the amount of knowledge we have neither can it stop us from gaining more.
    A piece of paper doesn't define your life.
    Hence, a degree is not necessary to be successful, only your passion for something and you're willpower can make you successful

  • A sheet of paper can not decide the future of a man....

    The first and foremost thing one should know to solve problems and look for innovative ideas to get successful in life which a college degree cant buy....So in my personal view degree is not of uttermost importance to be successful in life and it can be evident from lives of great people....For instance if we look at the life of the great MR. STEVE JOBES,he did not have any college degree but he is regarded as one of the most innovative man and had affected the lives of the whole generation...

  • A degree is not decessary

    No a degree is not necessary to be successful. I know numerous people who have good jobs and a degree in a totally different field. So they had spent 4 years of their life and a bunch of money to obtain a degree they don't use. Knowledge can be obtained by self-education, and nothing beats experience. These are far more important than a degree.

  • Success isn't about being the best, it's about how you want it to be.

    Some might say that working at a Starbucks for the rest of their life will never make them successful. But if you think about it, some might really want to work at Starbucks. It could be their lifelong dream. It would therefore make them successful if they got to work at Starbucks because that's what they want to do.

  • No, not at all.

    In my opinion a degree is not at all necessary to be successful in life. Many believe that you must go through so much college and be ranked highest in your graduating class to be successful. Success is what you make of it, your life is what you make of it. You can be happy and successful at any career you choose if its your passion.

  • No.

    Many people seem to be laboring under the delusion that you cannot be successful without a degree, and that is society's fault. Society as a whole promotes you getting that little slip of paper that proves nothing, and these days thousands of people are in debt and unable to pay their way out of it because they went to school and now cannot get a job because places aren't hiring, or are expecting to get more than their job is worth.

  • You Can Be Successful Without One

    I know for a fact that you can be successful without having a degree. Some of the most successful people I know did not attend college or any type of tech school. As long as you are a hard worker with good communication skills you can go places. A degree is not a necessity.

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