Is a democratically-elected Hamas still a terrorist organization?

  • Hamas sad elected in a Democratic election but the Palestinians didn't have Democratic elections since

    Democratic elected or not the simple fact is that for almost 10 years there wasn't any new elections. In other words it's like choosing your dictator. Democracy is not just elections there's a lot more, for that reason being democratically elected has nothing to do with being a terrorist. BTW Iran who practice Democratic elections still support terrorism .

  • Hamas' ideology calls for genocide

    Hamas' charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish people. Hamas shoots rockets with the hope of hitting Israeli civilians and uses Palestinian civilians as human shields. Hamas actively persecutes Gazans who do not follow its conservative version of Sunni Islam. Hamas uses its funds and cement factories to construct tunnels and infiltrate into Israel rather than rebuilding Gaza.

    Being democratically elected and a terrorist organization are not mutually exclusive.

  • Hamas has not changed it ways

    They have not given up their attacks on Israel. They have not given up their tunnels. They have not given up their hate speech or promotion of violence against jews and christians. They have not given up their arms or even form a unity government with a singular police force abiding by state law instead of corruption of sharia law haphazardly allied in gaza.

  • Hamas uses violence as a tool of oppression against its own people, as well as against Israel

    -Hamas uses violence against those Gazans who dare to protest Hamas' policies. Dozens of Gazans have been executed with no trial while raising their voice against Hamas.
    -Hamas indoctrinates children through its education system and TV programs, teaching murder and hatred of Jews to them.
    -Hamas uses child labour to dig assault tunnels- according to Pal-n ministry of Interior report, more than 160 children lost their lives while digging the tunnels
    -Hamas's goal is extermination of all Jews (as stated in its charter) , elimination of the state of Israel and its replacement with Islamic Khalifat.

  • %100. Being democraticly-elected doesn't make change their status as a terorist organization

    To avoid being called a racist. I want to preface Muslim does not = Hamas, & Hamas does not equal Palestinians.

    Israel, the United States, Canada, the European Union, and Japan classify Hamas as a terrorist organization.

    Being democratically elected doesn't change that.

    It would just means that most of the people want a terrorist organization to run the government.
    If the election was done fairly, that is.
    Which is something I highly doubt?
    If they are a terrorist organization there is no reason to believe that they were democratically elected. In all probability they cheated. I would hope that the majority of Palestinians do not support Hamas.

  • Democratic does not mean peaceful

    Terrorism is the method of using violence to cause fear in the hopes of changing something. Regardless of government type you can still do this. America did it in WWII to japan, and they're democratic. So yes, hamas is still a terrorist organization regardless of the means of leader enrollment.

  • Elected or not, Hamas condones and actively uses terrorist methods

    Hamas may have been democratically elected by the people of Gaza, but that does not mean it is no longer a terrorist organization. It has and continues to support terrorist methods in order to achieve its political and religious goals. This makes it without question a terrorist organization, whether it elected or not is irrelevant.

  • The US classification of Hamas as a terrorist group is a result of the influential Israel/Jewish Lobby.

    These groups have immense power and influence over US foreign policy. Groups like the AIPAC have bragged that members of congress who take up positions that in any way conflict with the policies of the Israeli government are committing "political suicide" and have no chance of being re-elected. The current political culture in the US is one in which anyone voicing concerns for Palestinians gets a person labeled as anti-Israel or even anti-Semitic. There are regimes inciting terror across the world whom the US maintains political ties. The classification of a democratically elected political party representing a severely oppressed people as a terrorist group is unjustified and reflects a major flaw in US foreign policy.

  • Same rules for all

    If Israel and the US are classed as terrorist organisations then yes, Hamas is a terrorist organisation too. However if Israel and the US are not, then neither are Hamas. Hamas are doing nothing that both the US and Israel haven't done a million times over. Israel has been terrorising the state of Palestine since the 1940s, performing terrorist attacks on UK soil in 1945

  • Palestinians are defending themselves against Israel

    The US did its typical thing of "we support free elections as long as the side we support wins". Paestinians including Hamas are defending themselves against Israel's neo-colonial occupation which is supported by American arms, money and domestic politics. By the "Yes" logic the American colonists in 1776 were terrorists unworthy of recognition. But France recognized them, and the rest is history.

  • The U.S. shouldn't define legitimate democratic governments as terrorist organizations

    The United States and Israel have committed more acts of terrorism, and violated more international agreements than the Hamas ever will. Israel is an apartheid, ultra-religious state with nukes. How anyone can support the genocide of Palestinians exiled from their homeland is beyond my comprehension. The Palestinians were promised a contiguous state by the international community.

  • Because Democracy Means Giving Up Violence

    If Hamas is truly a democratically-elected organization, then they have no excuse for organizing terrorists. A true democracy works peacefully to gain freedom as opposed to killing innocent civilians. Hamas is a desperate organization that wants nothing more than to kill their neighbors in Israel. If Hamas wants to truly be a democratic organization, they must disarm.

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