Is a direct democracy possible in contemporary society?

  • Yes it is in a truly free society

    Some may that government makes far too many decisions for a direct form of democracy to be possible. This is true in a top-down governmental structure. Bur let's imagine a grass-roots democracy. A society where all decisions are made at a local level, and the whole of the community can be seen as a representative of itself. This is democracy at it's finest.

  • So many computers

    There are so many computers today, and computers feel as if they are everywhere - how could people not believe that a direct democracy is possible? In the near future, people will almost all have computers, and those who don't can use a public one or borrow others in order to vote.

  • Direct Democracy Is Possible Today

    Yes, direct democracy is possible in contemporary society. In fact, it is more possible today than at any previous time in history. Today, with the advent of the Internet, every citizen may have their position polled at a moment's notice. This allows for the democratic process to function in ways never before realized.

  • Well, there's theory and then there's practice.

    In theory, with the right technology and enough determination it could be done. There are more problems with direct democracy than just logistical and efficiency concerns however. Direct democracies tend to resemble mob rule, with only large groups getting their concerns addressed. It is also unlikely that enough voters would truly understand the implications of some of the more complicated issues in order to affect an appropriate response. That being said, it does make for an interesting thought experiment and there is value in thinking through the pros and cons of such a system. For example, the idea that such a system would by necessity require a more simplistic approach to law, thus removing at least some of the obfuscation and ambiguity we see in our current legislation is particularly interesting.

  • Humans are never going to agree.Gm

    You try getting humans to agree on something. The fact is no one will agree and without a form of leadership humans will recreate what is basically states. Human nature is to either lead or follow it's a sad thing but yes direct democracy equals humans going against who they are.

  • We aren't all professional legislators.

    No, a direct democracy is not possible in contemporary society, because we do not all have enough time to spend legislating. It would be very expensive and time consuming if every person in the United States were to vote on every single bill. Also, most people are not very smart and would not do a good job directing the country.

  • A direct democracy is not possible in contemporary society.

    A direct democracy is not possible in the modern world. There are far too many decisions that the government has to make every day for normal people to be involved. Our current system of representative democracy is a good balance that allows for people to be involved in the government.

  • Direct democracy is not possible in contemporary society.

    Direct democracy is not possible in contemporary society. There are too many people in society and the government is too big for everyone to be directly involved in every decision. The model of representative democracy is more suited to the modern world. Unfortunately, direct democracy will never be practical in modern times.

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