• The free mind is a disciplined mind

    People everywhere are enslaved by anger, lust, and envy. It is power over these things, made possible by faith, by which the mind may be liberated. The result is joy and peace. The widespread notion these days is that we must be free to pursue our desires, but that means we are only free to harm ourselves.

  • People claim that their discipline and their schedule does not give them time

    Mental discipline helps in good time management which in turn helps a person finish his duties on time and also pursue creative and innovative ideas and activities. So good time management and discipline is very much required to have a free mind and thought process and express positive thoughts freely and fearlessly.

  • Yes, the person has time and money for what they want.

    Yes, a disciplined mind is a free mind, because the person is responsible enough to have the ability to do the things they want. A person who is addicted to drugs is not free. A person who cannot hold down a job is not free, because they cannot afford to do anything. Ultimately, discipline is important to allow people to do what they want.

  • Yes, a disciplined mind is a free mind.

    A disciplined mind is a free mind because it frees you from fear. Fear is the thing that keeps most of us from realizing our potential. By disciplining your mind you get rid of negative subliminal and non-subliminal messages that have been programmed in you since birth, thus having a free mind.

  • No, a disciplined mind cant be a free mind

    Because discipline includes self control,obidence.
    But the principles of a disciplined person does not allow him to have a free access to all situations.His principles does not allow him to express himself freely.Sometimes due to his thoughts he can be also trapped in hard conditions.All his actions are limited to his discipline.

  • Not disciplined but focused mind is required

    In today's world we need minds ( individuals) which are rational, determined, and focus towards their goal or destiny. Discipline means self control and when you are in control, how are you going to be free. Our requirement is devotion, rational thinking, determination and focus which we are lacking in today's disciplined world.

  • Not discipline but calm/focused mind is needed

    Discipline means self control and when something is in control of anyone ( even self) you cannot declare it free. The need of today's world is focus and determination to do something in life. We need a mind which is focused towards its goal, alert towards the environment, and logical/ rational in thinking.

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