• This is simple biology

    You guys are confusing biotic (coming from life) and alive (growing, etc.) What do you mean can't reproduce? It will be able to soon. So is a pre pubescent child or a sterile human not alive? It is human I mean do you think fetuses are their own species? It is a homo sapien in its early stages of development. Your arguments about life unattended are pathetic aswell. You forget about people in iron lungs and other devices. By your reasoning if I brutalize you to such an extent that you can't survive then you aren't granted any normal human rights and I should be allowed to finish the job under a euphamism such as medical termination of the biologically inferior. Btw a brain and or birth is not required to qualify something as alive. Jellyfish are brainless. And comparing a HUMAN fetus to an unfertilized dormant egg at the supermarket is fallible. Human fetuses have been fertilized.

  • Since the two cells unite, there's a human inside you.

    Since the preborn has human parents, she has to be human. And from the moment of conception, the being that begins as a single cell is biologically different from her mother. She is a unique combination of her mother and her father who has never existed before. She is alive, and birth does not change the essence of what the preborn was before or will be after.
    Because of these self-evident facts, I have to believe that the moment of fertilization is the beginning of the existence of each specific person.
    Some will say that yes, it’s human. And yes, it’s alive, but it’s not a person. This is intellectually dishonest. We know from pure biology that from the very first moment of fertilization, the new being is neither the father nor the mother. She has her very own DNA, from the first moment of her creation. We know that inside this new being, a heart begins to beat as early as 16 days after conception We know that babies can hear music and appear to be singing along far earlier than we ever knew. We know that their abnormalities in the womb can often self-correct . We know that babies born long before their due dates can survive. We know from ultrasound technology that we can examine the human body parts that make up this being quite early in pregnancy.
    One argues it is human, but not a person, then there has to be a moment in pregnancy or at birth when a being that is not a person becomes a person. Would that be when the preborn has the ability to feel pain and respond to stimuli? If that is the characteristic of being a person, born people who are in comas or cannot feel pain would not be people. Would this moment be the first breath upon being born? If that is the characteristic of being a person, then being on a ventilator would disqualify individuals from being people.
    There can be no magic moment when a non-person becomes a person because life is a continuum from conception until death. We exist in different sizes, levels of development, environments, and degrees of dependency. But none of these factors change what we are from our first moment of existence: people. We’re all people with an inherent dignity that is unchanging.
    This dignity demands we be treated with respect.
    People who are born, most would say, deserve equal rights. Social movements often revolve around the express purpose of righting an attack on the dignity of certain groups of people. Throughout history, we’ve fought to protect the innocent because we know that nobody deserves to be killed. And we’re especially repulsed by stories of specific groups of people being targeted and killed.
    Regardless of ability or disability, gender, religion, race, or socioeconomic status, our natural repulsion at violence and injustice shows us that this remains true: undue force upon innocent people is wrong.

  • It's Seems Pretty Obvious

    The answer to the question "Is a fetus a living human?" seems pretty obvious to me. You can separate it into two questions: is it living and is it human. Whether or not a fetus is alive doesn't seem debatable. It is a living being. If something is not living, it is nonliving. This could mean it is an inanimate object, like a rock, or it is dead and was living previously. A fetus fits neither of these categories. Whether or not a fetus is human is also not really debatable. If it's not human, what do you think it is? An octopus, a tree, a rock, what? Humans are homo sapiens. Homo sapiens are a species. What other species is a fetus going to belong to, other than humans? They don't change species after they are born. They are humans the whole time.

  • Fetus: Living or not?

    When everyone says that a fetus is a living thing or not. I honestly don't care. Everyone needs to keep it to them damn selves. All this arguing is bullshit and doesn't need to keep carrying on stupid arguments. I find it super stupid that people keep arguing. SHUT UP!!

  • Absolutely, a fetus is a human being.

    It's so sad that this question is being asked. A fetus has its own DNA; thus, its growth and development is intrinsically driven. It is a human being because it belongs to the genus homo and the species sapien. It is alive, as it meets all of the criteria for life from a biological perspective.

  • Is abortion ever necessary?
    A doctor explains why abortion should NEVER take place.

    Why isn't a fetus valuable? In San Francisco a doctor was able to perfor an operation on a fetus, meaning he took it out of the womb. Then, once he was done, he put the fetus back into the womb so that it could naturally be born. Does this make the fetus a human being than not a human being again? Is the location the only reason why a person is a person?

  • Save the unborn

    It has a heartbeat, eyes a nose, it has hands and feet, fingers and toes its made from you, you created it and you shouldnt deny it a chance at life, what if your parents aborted you? Gave you no chance at life? Its not just blood and mucus its a baby its half of your genes how could you kill something so innocent?

  • They are human:

    Some say that the fetus is not human because he/she can't talk, or he/she can't walk, or he/she can't see. What about an infant, or a mentally challenged person, or the deaf? Are you saying that they are not human? I've even seen someone who said, "IT" is just tissue. For one, you never classify a human with "it" what if I called you "it" how would that make you feel? And we are all made of tissue, We are slowly developing into something greater than a fetus. A fetus is considered a fetus until it is out of the mothers womb. So u are saying, someone with a heartbeat isn't human, what are they aliens? NO! They are people who have the same right as a born child.

  • This debate is illogical and defies Science not just Religion/Morality.

    I can't believe this is still an argument. Outside of obvious religious and moral issues, pro-choice defies logic and science. Countless experiments have been conducted in the realm of science (not morality or religion) which include pain testing, heart rate, DNA, etc. Pain testing monitored heart rate to see if pain could be assessed, and it did! This was also conducted to see if a fetus would move away from pain (needle), and they did! DNA Experts conclude that the DNA between a fetus and an adult is nearly identical! What about flipping the argument onto death. Breathing could be used to acknowledge death, but science have moved to brain scans and the heart. For a doctor to confirm death, they have moved from breathing, to heart, to now brain. So based on this logic, both have been confirmed for fetus's, so therefor why aren't they applied to life! Now people will jump on here, and realistically I probably will never view this posting again. But you will have responses against me from people who are incapable of thinking objectively. But I can, and so should you!

  • The Logical (unbiased) truth.

    I can't believe this is still an argument. Outside of obvious religious and moral issues, pro-choice defies logic and science. Countless experiments have been conducted in the realm of science (not morality or religion) which include pain testing, heart rate, DNA, etc. Pain testing monitored heart rate to see if pain could be assessed, and it did! This was conducted by both

  • Not a living human being

    A human being is someone who can walk, or talk, or react to something. It can defend itself, it and argue with someone. A fetus is none of those things. This is a very religious and moral issue to debate about but it needs to be discussed and an answer needs to be decided.

  • Fetus' are NOT human beings!

    Aborting the fetus does not hurt it, it has no feelings nor does it have a heart beat until a certain point. The first 28 weeks is when you should get the aborting over with but maybe a week after would not make a difference. ALL the professional abortions are safe, none of the methods will damage having a child in the future.

  • Not a black and white question, different stages of development.

    This argument comes down to your religious and moral beliefs. A fetus only a few days old is a living organism but not a viable living breathing human. It's completely dependent on the mother. I wouldn't answer this question either yes or no, but given the broad question I would be forced to answer no, a fetus is not a living human until it reaches a certain stage of development.

  • Foetus versus human

    A foetus has the characteristics of life yes ie: composed of cells, having energy and so forth however it is not a viable living human being. The foetus cannot live without the "shelter and food" of the mother, it can not fend for itself, nor can it breathe if outside of the womb. A foetus doesnt have a brain to make concious decisions therefore cant be called a human being. We dont go around calling cells isnt human, only a developed baby can live outside of the womb, has a brain can support itself and LIVE!

  • No.

    A fetus is a stage in reproduction, it is an egg and a sperm, not a being. A fetus does not have eyes, ears, a nose, not even a heart beat. A human can talk, and listen and understand, can a fetus do those things? No, I didn't think so.

  • No--A fetus is not a living human being

    It is my belief that a fetus is not a living human being for most of its gestational period. Typical gestation is 40 weeks, and for most of those 40 weeks, a fetus does not even approach sentience. Would the average Pro-Life advocate feel that an embryonic cat or dog deserved the level of respect that same person feels about the proto-humans that are fetuses. In order to be human, a being must be alive--must have been born--and must be sentient--must be able to learn, to think, and to speak. Those who feel that life begins at conception do not think about the ramifications of that point of view. Many of those same people would be unwilling to show proper deference to a fully-mature being if she were female, pregnant, and her life were in danger from that same fetus; they would chose the fetus over the mother. It is nonsensical!

  • It doesn't meet all of the characteristics of life

    What the fetus meets
    Growth and Development
    All living things grow and develop. For example, a plant seed may look like a lifeless pebble, but under the right conditions it will grow and develop into a plant. Animals also grow and develop. How will the tadpoles change as they grow and develop into adult frogs?
    Being structurally composed of one or more cells — the basic units of life.
    Transformation of energy by converting chemicals and energy into cellular components (anabolism) and decomposing organic matter (catabolism). Living things require energy to maintain internal organization (homeostasis) and to produce the other phenomena associated with life.
    Response to stimuli:
    A response can take many forms, from the contraction of a unicellular organism to external chemicals, to complex reactions involving all the senses of multicellular organisms. A response is often expressed by motion; for example, the leaves of a plant turning toward the sun (phototropism), and chemotaxis.
    What it does't meet
    The ability to change over time in response to the environment. This ability is fundamental to the process of evolution and is determined by the organism's heredity, diet, and external factors.
    The ability to produce new individual organisms, either asexually from a single parent organism, or sexually from two parent organisms, "with an error rate below the sustainability threshold."
    Regulation of the internal environment to maintain a constant state; for example, sweating to reduce temperature.

  • Don't be dumb

    How can this even be argued. This is a joke right. All the yes arguements are pathetic and so are the no's but cmon guys use your tiny heads why would a fetus be a human its like saying eating eggs is the same as eating fried chicken kind of common sense.

  • Living cells but not a human

    FETUS is ofcourse living but that doesnt make it a human until certain period..If u argue that it has chromosomes from male nd female parents both,, well so does my liver cells,,, it doesnt make my liver a human,,, problem with anti- abortionists is that they take the meaning of HUMANS from biology textbooks as a license to use it philosophically or something legally stating fetuses as REAL HUMANS,,, those textbooks just use tht word to separate it from othr specie fetuses,,, if u eat an egg,you cant say tht u are eating the chicken...Haha...Its ridiculous to say tht fetuses are humans coz it is the result of human product or activity,, we produce a lot,,, if u say if u let the fetus grow it ll turn into human,, tht is bcoz we evolved in such a way,,, I can make a human out of ur other celLs too,, it doesnt mean I can call those cells as humans,,,

  • Books support this

    Defined by academic journals, no a fetus has the potential to become a human being. At least according to the state's constitution the definition of what is a fetus determines the legality of the being itself. There is no legal value to the "abortion" issue, it is nothing more than a social issue. The 14th amendment of the United States holds our privacy matters. Therefore childbearing is a private matter that does not concern others who aren't directly involved. This country was established by law not by religion it is the only way to keep peace among it's citizens. Abortion should not be a legal issue whatsoever.

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Anonymous says2013-06-21T15:23:56.860
I agree with one thing stated by these no voters. Some people are not human beings, and they are a very good example of such, since they can not think for themselves, care only about themselves, and do not have a heart. I suppose preemies are not living, breathing, people, because they didn't go full term, and therefore are not human beings. By useing their reasoning, it would be Okay to murder those children. It's Okay to kill a full term baby if they take it out feet first, but murder if they take it head first, then kill it. No wonder our society is becoming so illogical, and self serving. Pathetic, for sure. " Common sense"

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