• It is a rape!!

    Anything that is done with out the other person's consent is counted a rape. Yes it is a sexual harassment. No one has the right to breach or make fun of a person's intimate feelings. No one has the right to touch the other person without his/ her permission. This is wrong

  • It is considered rape!!!

    The definition is forced penetration, right? If someone shoves their tongue into your mouth and you don't want it there, that's a penetration and can be defined as rape. If you use the literal definition as so many of you are. But in the sense of rape that everyone thinks of (forced sexual intercourse) they say no it's not the same and it's not. Kissing is not the same as sexual intercourse, but it can still be considered as rape; a forced kiss can also lead to unwanted sex or inappropriate fondling. So kissing is rape, just not the rape that immediately comes to mind.

  • That is definitely rape

    Kissing can be more intimate than other forms of penetration. Kissing is a loving act, very much part of an intimate relationship. Forcing someone to a kiss is a terrible breach of intimacy for a victim. There is a reason prostopitutes do not kiss - it would mimic intimacy more than other forms of penetration do.

  • The Answer is Obvious

    This has just happened to me a few hours ago, and I would most definitely say yes. I feel extremely disgusting, and it was the most uncomfortable feeling I've ever experienced. I barely knew the guy, and I wasn't romantically attracted to him, but out of nowhere, he leaned down at kissed me. I'm still in shock.

  • Yes...Yes 100 percent

    Ok... The people who say it's not rape may like it to happen to them!
    The heck!
    People look! If someone came up to you really close and we all know how much, he just comes and grabs you holds you tight then just kisses you. You push away for self defence but you know it's not working. This is rape! I have been a victim. A boy just comes to me, takes me somewhere private and locks the door. I look confused! He just touches my neck and pulls me towards him and touches my BUTT and relaxes near my breast and slowly come to my lips and attacks.

  • Any unwanted sexual behavior is assault.

    Kissing, in the sense we're discussing here, is part of sexual behavior, even if it doesn't involve touching one of the two or three main private areas (two on men, three on women). Kissing is considered to be an intimate act, especially when the tongue is involved as that can enter another person's body, and a person's lips contain some of the most sensitive tissue on their bodies (outside of their genitals) - although being kissed on other parts of the body are just as inappropriate. Sexual harassment is when someone harasses you in a sexual manner but touching intimately isn't part of what went on - for example, sexually explicit/inappropriate words. While kissing someone's cheek or neck when they don't want it is a far cry less than forcibly french kissing a person this is still a serious offense. Every time a person forces physical contact on another person with sexual intent without permission from that other person it needs to be taken seriously as a form of sexual assault.

  • Any unwanted sexual behaviour should be illegal!

    It normally starts with a kiss and then leads to further sexual behaviour in the end. Regardless, of whether a kiss, in its own right, is regarded as sexual is irrelevant. To most guys, a kiss is a window of opportunity to further their sexual endeavours and to seek further pleasure.

  • Its "forceful" And Uncalled for

    I'm a victim. You don't what to do in the moment cause you are scared. You can't find shelter. Nobody around knows that you don't want this is happen to you. Nobody knows you're fearing that this is going to get worse. Nobody will understand the pain of this. It hurts. Its scary.

  • A forced kiss is most definitely rape!

    I have been forcefully kissed by two men (or boys rather) and my trust in them has gone completely down the drain. It has scarred me emotionally and I have no faith in men. Even though I wasn't raped, it will take a long time for me to recover as my heart has been wounded.

  • Forcible acts are violent and can be considered rape.

    If a woman attempts to pull away or avoid an unwanted kiss, it is sexual assault. Forced tongue kisses are an absolute act of rape due to forcible entry of an orifice. It is sexual assault when the kiss is on the lips and not consensual. This act ruined a 20 year friendship for me because I realized the man thought he was entitled to do whatever he desired even though I turned away twice and finally had to start saying NO, louder and louder until he let me go and quit attempting to kiss me. It was a clear message that he had no respect for me and felt I was object that he expected to use for his own pleasure and there was no regard for my wishes to remain a platonic friend.

  • Disney's Fault, "Kiss the girl"

    It's a form of Sexual Assault.
    I blame Little Mermaid's "kiss the girl" moment.
    The forced kiss shows up in popular culture as an act of romance.
    Rape is a serious word that should be reserved for what it is.
    As Sexual Assault is a serious thing, but different.
    You have to ask in the 21st century.

  • Not rape because...

    There is no forced gesture. The woman could move away at any time, and his hand running down the side of her face is classic romantic movie kiss scene. Not to mention that their facial expressions don't suggest anything is wrong. She isn't caught off guard or anything and he isn't showing any dominating or even semi-deviant features like he planned to force something upon her.

  • No, no and no

    Kissing someone against their will is sexual harassment. Rape is a person forcing you to have sex with them against your will. So unless you count kissing as sex, it is not a rape, it is harassment. They have completely different meanings. And while it is unpleasant to have somebody randomly kiss you, it isn't nearly as bad as being raped.

  • No, but it is assault.

    No, a forced kiss is not rape, because that has its own definition. But a forced kiss is an assault. It can even be considered a sexual assault. But for rape, there needs to be sexual penetration. This is not to minimize how terrible of an act it is. But it does not meet the definition of rape.

  • Ever Watched A Romance Movie Before?

    Ext. City- Night

    MALE PROTAGONIST is wearing a white dress shirt that has become wet from the rain. The water in his hair drips onto his face as he turns to his right. FEMALE PROTAGONIST is dressed in casual clothing. She is wet from the rain and is surprised when MALE PROTAGONIST turns to face her.

    I can't hold myself back any longer. I love you, Jessica.

    But... I don't understand. Why?

    That doesn't matter now. The only thing that matters is that I feel the warm embrace of your lips against mine.

    I don't think we should do this. What if my fiancée finds out?

    I don't care what happens to me. All I care about is you.

    MALE PROTAGONIST pins FEMALE PROTAGONIST against the chain link fence and begins to kiss her passionately.

    Oh my god... I never realized you felt this way about me.

    I've always loved you, Jessica. I want to travel with and see the wonders of the world with you. But most importantly, I want to marry you.

    I don't know what to say...

    MALE PROTAGONIST gets down on one knee to reveal the RING BOX that he has kept hidden in his pocket. He opens the RING BOX to reveal the beautiful DIAMOND RING within.

    Say, "Yes".


    FEMALE PROTAGONIST gives passionate hug and kiss to MALE PROTAGONIST after putting DIAMOND RING onto her ENGAGEMENT FINGER


  • no... that is not rape...

    Let's look at the definition~ RAPE: the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse or any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. ( Ok, so.. since when was a kiss considered sexual intercourse? A kiss is a sign of affection.. rape is not.

  • No, That's Called Sexual Harrassment

    Forcing a kiss onto somebody is not rape. It is, however, extremely rude. If it happens in a work place, it is also sexual harassment and grounds for an immediate firing. Rape is an intense thing, and it trying to broaden its definition does an injustice to the people who have been sexually assaulted.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, but it is assault.

    Rape involves forced penetration, whether with fingers or a penis or a foreign object. While a forced kiss shares the aspect of the absence of consent, it is not rape. A forced kiss would be sexual assault, though, and is still illegal and should carry a suitable punishment (albeit a less harsh punishment than rape).

  • Sexual assault is a crime.

    An unwanted kiss at work is Sexual harassment; but, there is no crime called Sexual Harassment; you could be charged with the crime of Sexual assault

    Sexual harassment is illegal and very costly, to both individuals and institutions. It creates an unproductive and disruptive environment that has far reaching negative impacts. The following information is designed to help with recognition and prevention of sexual harassment, as well as provide strategies for individual and institutional responses.

    What is Sexual Harassment?
    Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual or gender-based conduct that interferes with an individual’s ability to perform or advance, especially in a work or school setting. Sexual harassment can be committed by someone of the opposite sex, or by someone of the same sex. Victims can be either male or female.

    It is an illegal form of sex discrimination, which is prohibited by Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 USC § 2000e), Title IX of the Federal Education Act of 1972 (20 USC § 1681a), and Kentucky’s Civil Rights Act (KRS 344).

    There is no criminal charge called “Sexual Harassment.”

    Is Sexual Harassment A Crime?
    While there is no specific criminal charge called “sexual harassment,” behavior that constitutes sexual harassment may violate other criminal laws. Possible criminal charges include:
    ◊ Stalking
    ◊ Assault
    ◊ Harassing communications

    Sexual assault is a crime. It includes unwanted touching, kissing, grabbing and rape.

    So, you will not be charged with rape for just a kiss; but, you could be charged with sexual assault depending on what you said or your actions before the kiss and some form of battery for the actually kissing. A battery requires the actual application of physical force to the victim. Unlike an assault, a battery does not require the victim to apprehend violence…The degree of force required for a battery is very slight and no harm to the person is necessary.

    Make sure the person you kiss without permission likes you; because if he/she does not, you could get charged with a crime.

  • No its not

    Its not rape. Nobody doesn't like to be made out with. Everyone likes a little funkiness. Get funky enjoy this life and our bodies we've been given! Go kiss someone today even if theyre not really feeling it very much! Remember what Keith urban's song says "I wanna kiss a girl!"

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