• um yes

    its way cheaper on gas and students would have more weekend time to study and do projects and home work and also find family time out of our busy lives. people think teachers would get paid less but now they have a day to plan lessons. three day weekends would be sweet!

  • It is awesome

    We could play video games all day we could watch T.V. We could go outside and play soccer we could play FIFA 14 all day or we could play football and GTA we could also play baseball and basketball we could play Roblox or Yugioh on the computer I'm awesome

  • Family time

    As an adult I feel responsible for my kids time with my parents and my wife's parents. As we all know our parents will die when our kids are at their teens. I think we should have a 4 day week because my kids need to know their grandparents well. I would also like a 4 day week for my kids to take care of our portuguese water dog. This will teach them responsibility.

  • It is the solution to the world!

    If we think about it, the students do get more benefits from it than the teachers. Teachers can get the benefits too as they are able to plan their lessons properly and get the rest that they need after working. The students are able to catch up on their projects that they have probably been dreading not to finish. Kids need rest too! I, as a gcse student feel the need of 4 day weeks to get the revision that i require and need! It is not enough for me to pass my exams without the time. We here in England get a 2 week study leave in which we can revise to catch up for the exams but i only comes once. Due to students not revising and results show that they are messing around, the government are thinking about scrapping the two weeks. Ok if people don't revise that is their bad luck, we need it though for the ones that need to revise. If they want to scrap it, they can go ahead but they will gain worse results without the 4 day week of school! Thank you for reading!

  • its great

    With less days of work the substitute teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria worker, and other school workers would get a budget cut. Their payment would go down. The students would appear sluggish after a long weekend and school would be extended 45 minuets minimum. The school's sports schedule would get messed up because they would have trouble planning games against schools with a five day week.

  • As a 7th grade student that knows about the economy I think it would function correctly.

    The budget cuts in the schools are holding back the activities we can apply to. Materials are really cut back and the four day week would have two extra hours per day anyway. most students feel rushed on mondays and if your day off will be friday its a fun time for students. Either way mondays would be the day off from my studies. The things that your child has leaned will be retaught/studied on those 2 extra hours so a four day week would help with budget cuts.

  • A four day school week will give students more time to do work outside of school.

    I believe that people at / above high school level should have a 4-day school week so that they can have more time outside of school to work on projects and homework. Children below high school level should have a 5-day because they do not have as much work to do and can get all of their work done within a two day weekend.

  • It could be used to relax.

    I think it is a good idea, because we would have a whole day to do missed work or homework that is due, or to relax if you never have missing homework. On the other hand one downside of having only four days of school is that some people would misuse it, to hang out with friends even if they have missing work.

  • Kids need a break!

    I think that children should be going to school for four days a week, instead of five, for many valid reasons. Students will have the ability to study or catch up on homework, especially if they are behind on their work. Maintenance of a school is extremely important and necessary if a high of number of attending students is desired; this is why having a day off will provide a great benefit.

  • 5 days could be why I suffer from depression.

    5 days per week seems too long, and if you think about it - not counting the time when you're sleeping - we are at school more than we are with our families. Also the stress just builds up to the point where 5 days is too much.
    Additionally, I suffer from bipolar disorder, and school triggers the depressed side of the problem. So having 4 days per week would increase the quality of my life, and most likely a lot of others.

  • No, the USA needs a longer school year.

    Other countries have recently out done the United States by putting us behind as the number thirteen county based on standardized tests. Therefore, if we plan to actually regain our place as a greatly educated nation, we need to offer better education. The way to do that is not to shorten school weeks, although we would be keeping class lengths the same. We need to lengthen school hours.

  • I am a student who is writing an essay on this, and I do not support this decision.

    First off won't the school have to serve dinner? I mean lunch is like at 11:30 and school ends around 4:10! How would that help save money? By the way whets up with money anyway, I mean is it really more important then an education? Money is made, education can only be earned. True there is a gas problem going on, but I love learning! I wish to share my knowledge with others. But I wont be able to if I don't learn enough. Money will always be a problem in the world, but education is needed and wanted by student. Plus I don't want to be 25 and still go to school, students will miss many opportunities from colleges and scholarships.. This will all be for may? How cruel you will stop your kids from moving on with their lives, you will prevent dreams just so you can save gas money! Yes there are also good reason's for saying yes too, like family time, and free. I believe that we do need freedom, and time to relax, I even say they make our breaks longer, and maybe have the short day on Friday instead so that, it could be a bit longer week end, but free time? Do people not think of the father much lately? I mean laugh, party, have fun, how long do you think it will last? Sooner or later you will want to have a life of your own, sooner or later, you will need money, I mean you can still ask your parents for money but how mature would that be? You would need a part time job. And if you find one what happens after that? You won't be able to work their all your life, you'll grow even older and probably have a family of your own. How will support them? With the money you can get from your part time job you won't be able to support them. That's where education comes in you'll get an actual job and buy your family gifts. Well that's my dream to be successful women, and live happily and I believe that the 4 days of school is in the way. Everyone should think through the outcomes, before finally making up their minds. I don't except this, and I will not. That's why bi don't support this.

  • The real world is run on five days, not four.

    The savings don't outweigh the problems. The real world runs on five days, 4-day school weeks aren't setting the future of America up for the real world. Is there really no other way to save money? What about parents with younger children who need childcare?
    What about student athletes? With a four day week they'll miss even more school.

  • Yes

    Less stress about homework over a 2 day weekend, the state will save on costs / taxes, some schools saved 333,762 on salaries, schools save 154,000 on power. Kids can spend more time with family and friends without worrying about school and grades, there will be less discipline problems with arguments so there should be a 4 day school week.

  • No, we should not allow four day school weeks to happen.

    Teens will have to learn more in one day than in two days. I am a student, but I agree with five days because a teen's friends are his or her influence to learn or stay home and eat ice cream all day doing nothing with your life . Kids should learn for the sake of America. Amen!

  • No, We should not have four days of school

    I think it is a bad idea to have only four days of school because you can't see your friends as much and you can't learn as more as five days of school plus you would have to have more work to do in one day of school instead of one normal day of five days a week.

  • No, because the American school system is already failing.

    We are so far behind other countries. Third graders in Sweden could run circles around some American high school students. Let's make these kids have longer school days for only four days, and it'll obviously work better. Right? Wrong. The week has always been Monday through Friday. It should stay that way.

  • I like my two-day weekends

    I'm a student and I believe I'd be much less productive if I had three days on my weekends. I prefer schooldays because of the consistence schedule. I dislike weekends because I feel no pressure to do things according to a schedule, as I have none.

    Also, having to go three days between schooldays for a class I didn't get homework in would just cause me to forget the material I learned before it, and I'd have to spend more time at home memorizing things that I could've memorized during class had I had another day to work on it.

  • Job Loss and Student Recovery

    With less days of work the substitute teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria worker, and other school workers would get a budget cut. Their payment would go down. The students would appear sluggish after a long weekend and school would be extended 45 minuets minimum. The school's sports schedule would get messed up because they would have trouble planning games against schools with a five day week.

  • Learn better today.

    People who have 4 days of school won't learn more than a person who has five. So appreciate the chance of going to school. Because the difference between someone who has graduated and has not is you. So go on and lets go and learn something new. Everyday, all day.

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T15:33:25.050
i think a four day weeking is awesome because it gives family and friends time to spend more time together at home asnd making sure they house is clean, there house have food in there house!
Anonymous says2013-03-20T13:59:49.323
It would save so much money
Anonymous says2013-04-10T07:10:14.060
I think we should stay with 5 days of school!! :P :)
Anonymous says2013-04-29T18:00:41.993
I think it would save money and if we added more hours but reduced days would be good.
Anonymous says2013-05-17T15:57:36.507
You all are idiots thinking we should have 4 days of school. More budgets cuts and less eduction= 4 days of school
legend1277 says2017-02-02T19:15:15.333
Sorry now stop
legend1277 says2017-02-02T19:16:32.937
But yes dude stop being such a jerk it is not cool.