• Yes its good

    This is a great idea. I am in high school right now and i believe we should have 4 day weeks so that we have more of a break and can spend time with our family because think about it for a second, high schoolers spend all their time either at school or at work and to have an extra day off would take off some of that load so we can rest and not over work ourselves.

  • YES! Kids should definetly have a 4 day week of school!

    I am a 12-year-old 7th grader at Glen Cove Middle School and I believe that this would make school better. We could have more time to do homework, Study, And ESPECIALLY spend time with family! Kids should not have to work as long as some adults. A 4 day week would improve attendance, Graduation rates, And test scores! A 4 day week would be a huge improvement!

  • Kids should DEFINETLY have 4 day weeks of school!

    I am a 12 year old 7th grader at Glen Cove Middle School. With 4 days a week, Kids could have an extra day for homework, Studying, And ESPECIALLY family time. Kids shouldn't have to work as long as adults do. I believe that a 4 day week would be amazing!

  • I vote yes

    I believe it will cut expenses and help us get a extra day to relax and refresh our brains along with less diciplin referals and more test scores are going up if you consider me then we may be able to help every kid in america and the rest of the world consume pure happyness and love and also HELP IT IS GAY ! WITH HIS SPELLING ISSUES

  • 4 days of school should be a thing!

    School Community:
    • School – removing a day removes extra expenses such as buses, foods and other - The budget cuts in the schools are holding back the activities we can apply to. Materials are really cut back and the four day week would have two extra hours per day anyway. Most students feel rushed on mondays and if your day off will be friday its a fun time for students. Either way mondays would be the day off from my studies. The things that your child has leaned will be retaught/studied on those 2 extra hours so a four day week would help with budget cuts. A reduction in system spending may be a significant factor considered when moving to a four-day school week. Transportation costs including fuel, bus maintenance and driver salaries are reduced. Also, if facilities are used only four days per week instead of five, there is a significant reduction in utility costs to the system. Money spent to fund school breakfast and lunch programs are reduced by 20 percent, as is spending associated with all hourly cafeteria and custodial workers.
    • Increases attendance by students and teachers during the day
    • Helps students with projects and assignments
    • Colorado schools switch to 4 days a week and saw increased math results
    • More time for extracurricular activities – health
    • Many schools have reported higher test scores
    • Teachers can get the benefits too as they are able to plan their lessons properly and get the rest that they need after working.
    • we are at school more than we are with our families.
    • There are high school students that are only getting about 5-6 hours of sleep just to study and do homework which is an unhealthy amount of sleep for a growing adolescent.
    • Mental health

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  • Four day school week is probably better for some people.

    A four day school and three day weekend sounds lovely and wonderful to me. A matter of fact, why students should have five school school weeks when they have a four days with a double block schedule of 200 minutes which might equivalent to four instruction day. All it takes is five subjects to teach and that is math, science, geography/social studies, language arts/reading. Including technology and other subjects. For example mathematics from 7:00 to 8:40 through 8:40 to 10:30 equals 200 minutes on one day. Twice weekly all equal to 8 instruction days. Language Arts/Reading from 10:30-12:10 to 12:10 to 1:50. At least two of the most core subjects could be taught first of the given example. When homework is given it could be changed to a weekend study packet to help in force the skills learned in class. A three day weekend might give some students a little more independent Learning instead of being in class five days a week. Some students hate school and others love it.

  • Yes, it is.

    If a child was currently working on a very important project, he or she would have a much larger amount of time because of the extra day. Another factor is how most schools that use the 4 days a week format have longer school days, and even extra school days in the year. In many situations, this amounts to more work done, therefore more learning. This can also be a way for schools to save money, as there are less days of the week to pay for. This would be especially helpful for a school that provides rather expensive activities for the students every day (one day less).

  • Yes it is.

    One extra day off can help students study more for tests and kids get more sleep with an extra day off. The students and the teachers can regroup and get more accomplished. Kids can also spend more time hanging out with friends and family. A four day school week would be better for everyone.

  • Yes, I think it is

    If you have a lot of homework, it will stress us out, and then what? We can't sleep in which makes us cranky and irrational. I know, because I am in school now, and I am really tired everyday because of these 5 day school weeks. I would rather have time to sleep than go to school.

  • No. Not good, people!

    I'm and 11 year old who goes to Grandville Public Schools. I think that a four day school week is wrong because Sunday and Saturday is good enough for me. Also, parents would have to change work schedules if a kindergartner doesn't ride the bus and is picked up by mom or dad. And that means not as much money in the family if they have to change the work schedule.

  • A four day school week is not good.

    No, a four day school week is not good because I think that children should be in school as many days as possible. Although, a weekend is permissible, the five day school week is a good thing. I think that children should have homework every day, and they should have to do it every day.

  • No. I do not believe that a four-day school week is good.

    No. I do not believe that a four-day school week is good, because children, or students in general have a hard enough time keeping their grades acceptable in a regular school week. They need all the time with an educator as they can possibly get. Cutting the school week to four days would only increase the drop out rate.

  • No, students need time to learn.

    No, a four-day school week is not good, because students need the time to learn. Losing a fifth day of school would make it hard for students to remember the material. Students receive taxpayer funds for the purpose of an education, and taxpayers want to see their students in the classroom where they are learning.

  • Five-day is fair.

    Even though obviously most students would love the idea of school weeks being reduced one day less, I think a five-day school week will always be the best way to go about it. In a way, it gets a young person ready to ake on a full time job, putting in 40 hours/week.

  • No it is not.

    School is very demand especially when you get to college. The students need to have the skills to succeed when they get there. There are too many breaks and lax standards as it is. If anything they need to go to school longer and year round. Perhaps this will increase America's educational standards.

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  • Not at all

    Students will be spending too much time at home and not enough time with a teacher/educator, that way if students do nit understand something they will not be able to ask their teacher for a better understanding and will most probably end up learning the wrong thing, when this occurs, it will result in lower grades, and a much higher chance in failing. Students need as much time with an educator as they can possibly get.

  • Noo bish you thought

    I believe that students should be tired all the time, and exhausted, and have to deal with wasteman teachers 24/7. I believe that students should be tired all the time, and exhausted, and have to deal with wasteman teachers 24/7. I believe that students should be tired all the time, and exhausted, and have to deal with wasteman teachers 24/7.

  • No way ho say

    Work needs to be done, loosing a full day of work is the same as loosing a full day payment, that will draw Australias economy down, and with that the meals that are put on the table. Having five weekdays would mean less stress on the weekends knowing there is less to do on Monday.

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