• good and bad

    In a global marketplace, th US has a broader range of customers for its products. This means more revenue, more profit, more taxes, etc. It unfortunately also means that corporations send jobs overseas, and that we in thsi country are then able to buy things from other countries, and money then leaves the US. What it is good for is commerce and free trade, and teh customers then get a much larer selection of items, such as cars and electronics, than if just buying from home, so in that case it is good for teh US.

  • Yes, the global marketplace is good for the U.S.

    Yes, I think that the global marketplace is good for the U.S. because it provides the country an opportunity to exchange goods and services to a larger consumer base. In addition, there are resources that are simply unavailable or extremely limited to the U.S. or other countries. The more customers there are, the more competition increases which in turn, can lower the cost of goods and services.

  • No

    It has led to less things that are made in the United States. We need to spend more time and money having things made in the United States. This creates more American jobs and we invest in our own country. We need to stop spending our money in other places and spend more of it here.

  • Global market not good for US

    No, the global market place has ruined jobs for hard working Americans. Having a global marketplace makes it too easy for companies to ship jobs over seas, and makes us too dependent on other economies. Just like we have become dependent on foreign oil, we will become dependent for everything else

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