• Tax would be tiny, with MASSIVE benefits

    Such a tax would be as little as 0.005% of revenue, and would generate $15 billion. The UN has stated it would use this money to cut poverty in half, treat deadly diseases, and feed starving people.
    Honestly, is an additional 0.005% of your revenue be too much to pay for these kind of benefits?

  • Yes, global tax is good, because it benefits everyone.

    Global tax would benefit everybody, but especially the 99% that can't afford things that should be basic for them, because they pay too much in taxes.

    Posted by: NollBad
  • A global tax is not a good idea.

    Taxes need to be established by each country because they serve each country differently. The proper tax percentage in the US may not be enough in other countries and the other way around. For example, income taxes in Canada or Europe can get close to 50% for the middle class but in America it's closer to 30% because we do not have the socialist programs in place that those countries have. A global tax is really asking for a global government and global programs.

    Posted by: R0bCIe
  • I oppose a global tax because too many countries would not enforce it.

    I oppose a global tax because too many nations would not force their citizens to pay it. Besides, the rate would never be flat. If it were created democratically at the United Nations, third world and populous nations such as India and China would find it easy to cheat the United States out of some of its riches.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I oppose a global tax, because we are not a singular global unit yet.

    Taxation is based upon representation. Currently, people are represented by their local countries, not by a global union of nations. If a global tax were to be instituted, ensuring fair representation would be extremely difficult. People in developing countries would almost surely not get their fair share of the money, and many would feel as if they are being cheated, which would likely lead to global tension. In short, until we have a global government, a global tax is a bad idea.

    Posted by: LongBo86
  • No, it is a bad idea, because many countries have a hard enough time with their own financial policies.

    Basically, the wealth between countries is too great to implement effective tax measures. Some countries have a hard enough time with their debt and their budget.

    Posted by: RobustScot82
  • There should never ever be a global tax, because the standards of living are different for each country.

    A global tax would never work. First of all, how would it ever be determined what is fair for a person to pay? People in each country have different standards of living. And, also, how would it ever be determined what the revenue generated for the tax would go to? Overall, by trying to do this, it will just bring trouble.

    Posted by: StupidShawn59
  • I think that if we start trying to tax the world, then the world will resent us.

    We are already a disliked country as it is and, I think if we put a world tax in place, that it would cause people to not like us even more.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung

    Try reading the united nations charter of legal reforms. Without freedom to have your own laws as it would be taken away per the united nations charter, and individual property rights the whole world will end up being communist, each countries resources will not be managed efficiently and we will all starve to death. Which you may note is part of the depopulation agenda to kill people.

  • No global tax in not a good idea.

    Wow, we are in a terrible economy and then to have more taxes. No,no,no. I mean I know they say that there are two things certain in life, death and taxes. But no. How are the third world countries going to afford this. I would like to know what the oil rich countries would have to say about this.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • No, because global tax sounds too much like a one world order.

    I am a firm believer in what the Bible talks about, with a unity of the world taking place for the second coming of Christ. And when we start talking about the unity of the world, such as a tax on buying or selling goods, we are then talking about prophecy. To me, this is right up the alley of buying and selling. If we are to have a global tax, then something would have to be incorporated to give every person some kind of tax ID, in order to collect those revenues. Therefore, every person would have the mark of the beast. This is outlined in Revelations in the Bible, where it talks about the mark of the beast, and people would have to have a number in order to be able to buy or sell goods. This is a bad idea.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • No, because there is no reason or need for yet another tax on the people.

    It seems as though there is already a tax on everything. I think the government needs to be more creative and come up with a way to save money, instead of forcing the people to pay more. There are so many people who don't even have a job or any way to buy food, let alone pay more taxes. Our government needs to back off and dig themselves out of their debt hole, instead of making us do it for them.

    Posted by: PerdCandy
  • I think global tax is a bad idea.

    I think global tax is a bad idea because every country is funded differently. Many countries do not have a lot of money and others have plenty, you couldn't tax everyone the same amount so it would not be fair. I think its up to each country to decide what kind of tax they want there citizens to pay.

    Posted by: dalekisi

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