Is a good education necessary for a successful and happy life?

  • Yes, education is needed.

    Without education, our world can't imagine how scary it would be. A good education teaches you not only how to excel in the arts and subjects, but more importantly, change your life habits. Many people may think this as wrong, but when you truly think about it, it's true. A positive attitude leads to success. If you do not have a good attitude toward things, you will never improve as well as others. Change your behavior, be attentive, develop those habits, and you will have a very healthy and enjoyable life waiting for you, even if you don't notice it now. You will always achieve your goals.

  • Success = yes

    Without curtain education you cant get well paying jobs. Most jobs require a collage degree are a graduation certificate. Is education important to a successful career in the healthcare industry? And if so, how important is it, and why is education so important? Many readers and job seekers often ask why education is important with respect to one’s career, particularly in the healthcare industry. Some people also want to know how education can impact overall quality of life, in addition to the impact education has on one's career.

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  • Good Education? Not necessarily!

    I mean every single person in the U.S. gets good education, but many ignorant students choose not to learn and be successful later on, though. I think that a successful and happy life is for people who try a lot and work hard, not for people who play even though they could have a good education. A working-hard-kind-of-person who learned from....Um....Africa would do better than a playing-all-day-kind-of-person from U.S.

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  • Education is needed for a happy life

    You need to go to school to have a good education, when going to education it makes you learn more. When you grow up you will need to find a job to work in and find a family to support. It is important to have education, if you don't go to education you won't find a good job.

  • Cos it iz fams u no i mean u ned to be sucesful init ma man

    Yolo er that teaches a kid to be content is educating him to manage his resources. The system has led us to believe that for a good education, one needs to be in a good institute. This is not true. Getting a job is one way to survive. Eat live insects in a jungle is another. Both need effort and with time people get better at it. Both learn and educate themselves in different manner under different conditions. To say education is not necessary is vague. As a baby parents teach us to eat, walk, talk. That's

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  • A good education lays the path for a better quality of life

    I used to question what advantages college education brings for students. Are all subjects beneficial for favorable start-ups? Is learned knowledge essential after graduation? In fact, the college education has its own certain position in today’s world in which knowledge is becoming more and more important in every aspects of life. Most people have a penchant for continuing their learning paths at universities rather than seeking for a job with only a high school diploma. In my view, a good education lays the path for a better quality of my life.
    A school is society in miniature. It was not until that I graduated from high school I had officially completed this long-term course that I was sheltered in my parents’ and teachers’ arms. Each student chooses distinctive path and universities which sponsor us to effortlessly pursue our dreams and make it comes true are truly a solid foundation to reach our highest aspirations. When I was 18, I did not authentically understand about the furious competitiveness and difficulties of life. Indeed, everything is not always as beautiful as on films or novels. Going to university is such a biggest milestone of my life that I could gradually acquainted with the actual concept of real life. This is where I can change my train of thought and prepare essential tools before entering into the real world.
    College education is a solid platform to develop my future life. Universities, as a service provider, create a learner-oriented education to meet students’ needs. It not only imparts in-depth knowledge, but also practical and professional skills to become qualified employees and be competitive in the job market. What is more, it encourages me to think critically and independently. Significantly, I can be learned how to see the world differently and uniquely regardless of it seems stereotypical. Besides, it helps foster in the young the morally sound values and outlook on the world and life. For instance, after the voluntary journey to Spratly Islands organized by my university, I could stretch my known boundaries of the endure hardship of navy soldiers who always attempt to protect the country and evoke the emotion of love towards my motherland more dearly. Importantly, real experiences through university’s activities are beneficial for my soft skills which are inherently momentous to develop my mindset and future jobs. For instance, that working as a counselor for an English Club of my university is a great opportunity to enhance my English ability, communication skills as well as organization capability.

  • Yes it is

    Education is not only the knowledge u gain in school or say bookish knowledge, education is actually co-related to learning whatever u learn is a education the way u speak the way u represents yourself all these are the part of education, your over all personality development is what an education. And it is necessary for your living.Some will say that, many great personalities like some politicians or sportsperson are successful in their fields are not educated but they are successful because of their efforts and experience which is again a learning and part of education so yes education is co-related to learning and a life enhancer

  • Education is not make you happy.

    That's wrong though. Since many people in the world have good job and good money, but they don`t have good life, and also they are not happy. That means education is not necessary for good life and success. But education part of success. For this reason it can be little important.

  • If it doesn't feel right, why do it?

    I am a true believer and all my life I've been pressured to do well in school- push, push, push for that highest degree but let me ask you this: is money all you're doing it for? They say it is the root of all evils, and in some ways, I can see that as being true. People get so focused on having the best job, best car, best whatever- but if all you care about is status and wealth... I don't think that's living a fulfilling and successful life. I think having the bare minimum is all it needs to be happy- because once you let all that money and material things get in the way of that... You forget what happiness is.

  • Not Necessary at ALL

    A good education is in generally not neccesary for a good and a successful life. As Steve JObs Said Once : "Im not dismissing the value of higher education, I'm simply saying it comes at the expense of experience". Life is for living, let life be the teacher, as it has been and still is for me. You wanna learn- read a book, you want to get know people - get out once in a while, to a club or a bar, you wanna change your world- go do something you always wanted to do, put yourself ot there and do it. No education needed....Really

  • We are organisms and should not be considered as 'people'

    We are just like animals and should aim to eat food, drink water, exercise and sleep. This is not enough. We should also develop love and compassion. Education, politics, economics etc. Are all man-made and unnecessary. Prove me wrong. Earth isn't going to last forever, is it? Everything is impermanent.

  • I don't think so!

    Tell me one thing that Does anyone give education to ants?But still they are disciplined.The best way to learn is from experiences .The values we follow in our life are not mentioned in any book.Education is something divine & it is linked to survival.It is different from being literate. Without education a person can still live a happy life.

  • Education is not a portal to success but rather social security (degree)

    Education is not a portal to success but rather just a door for people to be socially secure so that they can defend themselves by having a degree. True success and happiness comes when one is determined by heart to follow a profession for the sake of doing it rather than by the pressure of family and peer and the boastfulness of having a degree.

  • Not necessarily

    No I do not think it is always necessary to have an education in order to be happy and successful in life. I can think of many personal examples in my own life of this. My great grandfather never went past 3rd grade, but lived a very happy life. In his eyes, as in others, having a nice home with healthy children is a sign of success. So in this case, as in others, you can have both without a good education, depending on your own opinion of success.

  • Educaton Not The Answer For Some

    No, a good education is not necessary for a successful and happy life. Not everyone is cut from the same mold. Some people have a very hard time getting through high school, much less college. Many people like this enter the work force and are able to work up to levels that are quite acceptable to them. They raise families and take vacations, but they just do it on a lower budget. Their income levels may not be acceptable to many people, but they are quite proud of having persevered in life.

  • Why is a good education needed to be successful?

    You can be a farmer or a hair dresser, no need for a “good education” for that, you can still be happy in your life and successful with you business. Say Grindstone they were just a small company at the corner of a street and they slowly became more and more popular, you can just take them as an example and still become successful.

  • Education does not mean success , work or happiness

    I am the prime example of someone who is highly educated but who has not been successful at work. No work recognition for hard work put in, bullied by bosses and colleagues, never been able to keep a job for more than 2 years. Always having to worry about my next job. A degree closes off some jobs for you because you will be "over-qualified". A degree puts you as a threat to fellow workers and even your boss, it invites aggression. So nope, in summary, I would not have wasted years in my life doing a degree if I could turn back time.

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Anonymous says2013-03-27T03:19:40.277
Education, is it really important? Yes. Education is really important to us. It is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use It is the result of the society’s need to prepare its young minds for a future .Let us all remember that only through the attainment of education, man is enabled to receive information from the external world; to acquaint himself with past history and receive all necessary information regarding the present. Without education, man is as though in a closed room and with education he finds himself in a room with all its windows open towards outside world.