Is a health information technology degree worth the tuition when it comes to job prospects?

  • A health technology degree opens the door for a higher paying job than you can get otherwise.

    Some doors are closed to job applicants who are untrained and unqualified. Health information technology is one of those specialty fields where you need a degree if you want access to the best paying jobs. Access to better jobs in the health field means you can earn your tuition back multiple times over during the course of your working life.

  • There are jobs.

    Yes, a health information technology degree is worth the money when it comes to job prospects, because there are many jobs available in this field. With the field expanding as baby boomers get older, they are adding new jobs faster than people are graduating to fill them. It is a good investment to train for these jobs.

  • A Growing Field

    I believe at this time a health information technology degree is worth the tuition when it comes to job prospects. This field will continue to grow in the future and will need many entry-level workers over the next decade or more. Anything in the health care field would be worth college tuition costs.

  • No: Health IT Degrees are Not Worth the Tuition

    The rising costs of tuition make it difficult to select a degree with real value. The health IT field is in fact predicted to expand over the coming years. My sense, however, is that in the long term, due to the effects of climate disruption, an unstable economy, and the automation of jobs from increasingly proficient AI, the majority of fields, including health IT, are under threat. This should be seen as a wake up call to diversify knowledge base and work with the natural systems rather than increasingly in the cocoon of vulnerable human centered technologies.

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