Is a high-paying job on Wall Street worth the high cost of your sanity?

  • For the right person

    For someone with the right attitude and support network in place a job on Wall Street could pull them out of poverty or elevate them to great wealth, from which so many options open. Freedom could be won by the age of 35 instead of 70 like the rest of us, albeit at the high cost of stress.

  • No, a high salary on Wall Street is not worth your sanity.

    No, a high paying Wall Street job is not worth the emotional and psychological damage in the long run. In the short term, the large income that is generated by a Wall Street white collar job will buy many material goods. These items will be of little worth when the employee realizes that they have lost sense of their ethics and values in the process.

  • I Wouldn't Do It

    Wall Street is corrupt in every way possible and for whatever reason the people that work there accept it for what it is. I have a conscious and I like every one to have opportunity. I wouldn't take a high paying on job on Wall Street to save my life. I want no part of that money grubbing society. Cash money isn't everything. I prefer to simply live.

  • High-Paying Jobs aren't Worth Sacrificing Your Sanity

    I don't think that a high-paying job on Wall Street or elsewhere is worth sacrificing your sanity. Money doesn't buy happiness and everyone should strive to do what makes them happy. If money did buy happiness then so many rich people wouldn't be diagnosed with clinical depression and have other problems due to the high-stress nature of their jobs.

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