• The definitions of the terms.

    In terms of definition, The hot dog is a sandwich, Especially in the United States where many federal agencies have definitions of sandwiches which include hotdogs(for tax purposes). They can not be a taco as tacos are made with tortillas and hot dogs obviously use bread. The definition of a hotdog fits closer with a sandwich than a taco.

  • It would not even be a Torta

    A hot dog is a sausage in a bun with or without extra fillings,
    A taco is a tortilla with filling on top
    A torta is a mexican sandwitch
    A hot dog is more akin to a torta than taco, But it still would not even count as a torta.
    Know your difference or Gorden Ramsey will curse at you and call you a #$@%% sandwich.

  • Definitely a taco

    It is a U shaped vessel filled with meat and other potential toppings. How can it be anything else but a taco? Sandwiches require two separated sides to contain the filling. But Tacos are one container that wraps around the filling with one side opened. That's all I have to say.

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